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  • Posted to iPhone X notch devs fixes ;), Sep 14, 2017

    why wouldnt you use the space for buttons, icons ect real question is there some limitations? i dont make apps.

    These seem really awkward to me and probably get annoying to use

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  • Posted to iPhone X, in reply to Tom C , Sep 14, 2017

    Yeah thats what i was hoping for, i actually have the SE i miss typed in my comment above, i can easily see it lasting another 18months or longer but what after that....i dont see apple going back to small screens now :(

    Just thought about this but my dream but be an Apple flip phone, that would be real courage haha

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  • Posted to Can we take a minute to talk about "edge to edge", Sep 13, 2017

    It just isnt edge to edge at all imo...

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  • Posted to iPhone X, in reply to Brian Hinton , Sep 13, 2017

    I feel exactly the same, still rocking an 5S and dont know what todo when that dies, It should 100% be about screen size and not all this gimmicky stuff.

    People say just get an android but i don't want to leave the Apple eco system.

    I would like to know how that's working though if anyone has a Macbook/IPad/Android Phone set up how is it?

    EDIT: I actually have the SE its a solid phone and will last me well into the future but what after that..hmm

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  • Posted to Semplice 4, Aug 23, 2017

    its a wordpress theme, chill out

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  • Posted to Luna Display — Turn Any iPad into a True, Wireless Second Display, Aug 23, 2017

    O.M.G! this is what iv being waiting for!!! (i make music and design websites) have being looking at windows 10 tablets recently haha no need now.

    wooo im so excited for this, feels like something apple should have done themselves along time ago.

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  • Posted to Skeuomorphism, Flat Design and The Rise of Type Design, Aug 21, 2017

    I dont think this is anything new its just minimal design, i personally love that style - nails it!

    But it will always be a niche option and only really useable in some situations, it definitely, isnt going to overtake flat/modern design.

    Secondly i just want to add your main point/reason for looking into this was that modern designs are had to maintain......maintain it better then :/ don't sacrifice usability.

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  • Posted to Is the Sketch app data format as open as they say?, Aug 21, 2017

    Bad title, its not really what article is about, but good read and nice work you guys are doing.

    Any plans to support affinity designer i think it will be massive next year

    TLDR: yes its open just not very human readable.

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  • Posted to Smart export of PSD or Sketch to SVG (online), Aug 15, 2017

    Sounds really good but just being honest here Photopea looks horrible its like photoshop 6 or somehing put me off right away...

    Secondly where are your docs, tutorials? any offline support for the app?

    I really like what your doing here, seems like it has potential but maybe need some direction?

    On a personal note would there be anyway to take the code behind Photopea and build a fully automated solution something i can just drop a PSD file on and it auto exports all assets to a folder?

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  • Posted to Publii – Open Source CMS for Static Websites, Aug 07, 2017

    Looks very nice, im looking to build myself a new portfolio over the next few weeks and might try.

    Just one thing, i cant see any docs on creating your own theme?

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