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  • Posted to I just heard that because of my design consulting someone I don't even know is now living their dream life. This took me about 5 minutes. But it also made me exactly $0, Apr 01, 2015

    To me It's not the information that's valuable, it's how you use it. Your friend had the opportunity and idea to use the information that you gave her/him and made it viable. Instead of being salty, be excited for them, and reach out to them to see how they leveraged that information then listen and learn!

    Also Instead of deleting a post, post an update of how you are learning from this experience. It's super rad to see how people learn than fail.

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  • Posted to Sketch 3 coming tomorrow?, Apr 14, 2014

    I just hope the bugginess stops in V3. I think it is a wonderful tool, but when people try and say it's less buggy then adobe software I would have to disagree they both have their faults, and uses for that matter.

    fingers crossed for tomorrow launch

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  • Posted to The best portfolio CMS?, Apr 14, 2014

    I second the Jekyll/github pages, what's great about it is even just doing static html on github pages is github as a web editor built in! So then it's a rad little almost CMS... That's free & not confusing at all like the wordpress templating nightmare.

    You handle the photos by either pushing them from your local machine or just hosting them on S3 or something like that.

    If you learn who to use Jekyll (which is fairly simple) it supports markdown files so you can basically make your html/liquid templates then never have to really mess with html to create actual pages/posts

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