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Hana Kim

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  • Posted to We’re trying to build a new PowerPoint for Gen Z. What do you think so far?, May 07, 2020

    Don't know about the whole gen-z thing, but site and app look nice! Interested to try it out!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who here designs financial products?, Dec 21, 2015

    I'm a Designer at Addepar. We're an enterprise portfolio and analytics startup in the Bay Area + NY. I've been here for almost 4 1/2 years : )

    I love it here. Rather than getting off-topic and making this a recruiting pitch, let me know what you are more curious about and I'd be more than happy to answer in depth : )

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  • Posted to Ask DN : Best place to learn iOS development for designer, Dec 16, 2015

    http://codepath.com/iosfordesigners <--- was awesome. I guess it depends on if you are local to the Bay Area, but I thought it was an awesome class.

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  • Posted to Prototyping in Design : Lyft + Pixate, Apr 13, 2015

    Go Patrick!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Should Material Design be Android/Google-Only?, Nov 29, 2014

    I think Material Design seems to be more than about how it looks.

    To me, the basic idea is something that takes a relatively flat visual look-and-feel, and combines it with animations/transitions that seem skeuomorphic.

    Just like anything else, this sounds like the classic case where you steal whatever good ideas from their toolkit that you find is relevant to your current design, whether it be web/android/iOS.

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  • Posted to The Making of April Zero, Jul 17, 2014

    Holy crap this is amazing.... can I ask what tech you used to create some of the animations?

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  • Posted to Site Design: A software engineer's website, Mar 06, 2014

    I like a lot of stuff you've done! A couple random thoughts that immediately come to mind (feel free to ignore): - Page moves really quickly... I'm sort of panicky when trying to keep up with the text, especially since it scrolls outside the 1st viewport. - the user logged in: maybe it shouldn't be clark@clarkduvall.com, but guest or something since I'm not clark, and most people visiting aren't?

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