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  • Posted to The Hamburger Menu Doesn't Work, Aug 11, 2015

    I would have liked to have seen some quantitative evidence to present the failure of the hamburger menu. Although I agree with the sentiment, it just seems like this is a re-hashing of other articles.

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  • Posted to Rubik - beautiful and stylish bootstrap presentation page for 19$, Apr 13, 2015

    Holy shit how does this have 14 upvotes?

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  • Posted to Quick Tip: Easily access development folder, Dec 09, 2014

    One step further and you can use z.

    Awesome tool that makes working in the terminal so much faster.

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  • Posted to Watch DDoS Attacks Live, Dec 02, 2014

    These aren't just DDoS attacks I don't think.

    I read before that they setup honeypots around the world and then just log incoming attacks.

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  • Posted to WePHP redesigned, Nov 25, 2014

    Well, not really...

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  • Posted to Surprising the Snobs- Big Names that use WordPress, Nov 23, 2014

    There are plenty more than that... WordPress has a pretty big VIP side, with some pretty big clients. As you can see though, the service doesn't come cheap.

    It's a bit disingenuous to compare a self hosted blog to what is being offered from WordPress VIP.

    I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone say that WordPress being easy to pick up is a downside of it, if anything that's a massive benefit. However, once you want to take hold of some of the more advanced features it does get slightly more complicated.

    Also, stating that there are security issues with "pretty much any Internet facing computer system" is just wrong. WordPress does have a larger share of issues in this area, especially once a user installs a bunch of unknown plugins. I think that having sections dedicated to securing your install - as an extra to what is done by default - proves this (especially the parts about obscuring the wp_content parts of URLs).

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  • Posted to The real reason why Apple is buying Beats isn't headphones, May 10, 2014

    Jimmy Iovine wouldn't of been able to make

    wouldn't of been able

    wouldn't of

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  • Posted to Let’s Boycott Passwords, May 10, 2014

    This already exists with password managers though. For example, I use 1Password, and remember the one password for that. A keyboard shortcut fills in all my details when I need to register for a site, and any time I need to login I use another shortcut that fills the form automatically.

    The only small problem with this is that I need to login to sites on other computers. But the solution is the iPhone app that shows me all the saved passwords. I feel this is a much better solution than having to "forget your password" any time you need to login somewhere unfamiliar. And then again, once you log out of that place and you get back to your original machine you'll have to reset your password again.

    2 step authentication is definitely interesting, but I would imagine it would make a lot of people who aren't used to not having a password nervous.

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  • Posted to Bye bye Kippt, Hello... who?, May 09, 2014

    Another +1 for dragdis. I love the fact that it takes screenshots of the pages you drag to it.

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