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  • Posted to Nov AMA with Chris Gannon, Nov 15, 2019

    TIL DN has a "Community Staff"...

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  • Posted to Results of the Front-End Tooling Survey 2019, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Nov 13, 2019

    These aren't "flavour of the month frameworks" tho (some of them aren't even frameworks).

    "particularly if you're working with enterprise clients that require stable, well-developed systems"

    All of these are stable, well-developed and established/proven frameworks/workflows that have been out there for years (except CSS-IN-JS, that's just bad practice).

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  • Posted to New logo unveiled for Microsoft Edge, in reply to Earl Sherrard , Nov 04, 2019

    ... Because it has a 5% marketshare, which is pretty big (bigger than Safari)?

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  • Posted to Steam Library is getting a much needed redesign, in reply to Erik Fanki , Nov 01, 2019

    Because it's a website inside a crappy wrapper.

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  • Posted to Why does design for children’s websites have to be so chaotic?, Oct 31, 2019

    "Why does design for children’s websites have to be so chaotic?"

    "Honestly, I can’t answer that question, and maybe there is some research out there to explain why bright colours and patterns are a good thing."

    Did you find research on the subject?

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  • Posted to Steam Library is getting a much needed redesign, Oct 31, 2019

    People are already complaining about the new design (especially people with large libraries; small mode is hidden) and the increased RAM usage that came with it (from an average 80mb to a whopping +/- 300MB).

    "And it for sure will seize certain market share from Steam."

    Wait, what? You do realise Arcade isn't available on PC and that most games on Steam won't run on Apple devices, right? They serve completely different audiences. And while the games on Arcade are okay-ish, they're still mostly mobile games. Stadia isn't even up and running yet, and everybody seems sceptical about it (for good reasons); there's a good change Google will kill it after a few years.. (

    "We need some new content for the blog/google, can you guys come up with something?"

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  • Posted to AirPods Pro, in reply to Adrian Furtuna , Oct 29, 2019

    Except with the Macbook Pro's it seems...

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  • Posted to AirPods Pro, in reply to John P , Oct 29, 2019

    Same here, MBP 2016 (fully specced) in Safari...

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  • Posted to 6 Ways Mario Kart Tour Triggers You Into Gambling Your Money, in reply to Louis-Xavier Lavallee , Oct 24, 2019

    Honest question; did it really took you 3 weeks to realise this? 'Cause people have been complaining about this since day one.. (literally; see all the reviews). They aren't even trying to trick you (people except this behaviour and kids these days simply don't know any better); it's blatantly obvious... (remember the lootbox they gave you for finishing the trial? Giant red flag)

    "is this the future of mobile gaming?"

    This has been going on for years... Even tripple-a games have been infested with micro-transactions and dark patterns for years now (Fifa, CoD, GTA, RDR, sadly, the list is endless).

    Even Solitaire on Windows 10 has micro-transactions that allow you to get rid of 30 second ads that are shown during gameplay. That's how normal it became. :(

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  • Posted to Beyond multiplayer: Introducing the Figma Community , in reply to R. Kamushken , Oct 23, 2019

    Maybe DN should show us who upvoted a post? That way companies can still ask their employees to upvote something (which is probably what happened here), but it will just look bad.

    We heard from companies like Slack that they’d like to publish a UI kit to help their partners build better Slack apps.

    This is really cool tho.

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