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  • Posted to iOS 11 silently introduces SF Pro with almost 1000 new glyphs and support for more languages , in reply to Teemu Paananen , Jun 08, 2017

    In iOS 10 - http://imgur.com/w0uCdNY

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  • Posted to Redditors design worst volume sliders possible, Jun 08, 2017

    These are awesome. As a designer, one is so preconditioned to pick the right solution straight away. When you see stuff like this, the creativity despite non-practicality inspires.

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  • Posted to Non-rockstar designers: how do you stay on top of marketing and selling game?, in reply to Josh Sanders , Jun 01, 2017

    Thanks for this response, Josh. I was part of a collective until recently, so apart from Fisdom we wrote a lot of about other projects that could get us more visibility. Now I am revamping my site and writing case-studies for each of my projects.

    By the way, that sole Medium article got us quite bit of traction. It was featured on Sidebar newsletter and later syndicated by InVision on their blog, earning us quite a few leads. :)

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  • Posted to What to Listen While Designing ?, May 30, 2017

    I listen to Soulection all the time - soundcloud.com/soulection/

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  • Posted to Are the UX articles you’re reading trying to sell you something?, in reply to Adam Hopwood , Feb 21, 2017

    One can take any subject matter and argue about checking the sources. This article though goes that extra mile to naming freelance designers and prototype tool companies. They stopped only little short of naming InVision and Marvel.

    Both the companies are out there to do business. If part of their strategy involves writing UX articles to convince their that they understand the pain points they are solving, should we doubt their content only based on the fact that the content was backed by a prototype tool? That is my whole point which becomes even more true in case of the freelance designers without marketing budget and a lot of knowledge to share. One cannot grudge their intention for a stronger brand.

    Peace ✌

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  • Posted to Are the UX articles you’re reading trying to sell you something?, Feb 21, 2017

    I disagree with the sentiment expressed in this article. Knowledge-sharing is not some sort of altruist activity. You cannot sweepingly begrudge people who write articles and share across to spread a point of view, build brand(s), or sell a product. As long as they are not using black patterns, or exploiting their readers, it is not fair to assume malicious intent. Judge UX articles by their content and do not commit the logical fallacy of doubting the messenger.

    Also, surprised by the morally higher ground this article takes towards the end by the author. Specially when they publish articles clickbait-y listicles like https://uxdesign.cc/3-placemaking-lessons-from-the-magic-kingdom-4263deb29b2f#.tc3i7lsyp (which isn’t a bad article at all. That goes to show how not to judge the content by its title).

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