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  • Posted to What do you guys think of my portfolio?, May 21, 2019

    u should also put some actual work. it feels like you're a blog author instead of a designer.

    and u should definitely ditch that black resume. cv's are meant to be printed. no one's gonna print that.

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  • Posted to Design manager meetups, May 15, 2019

    cringe meetup u mean.

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  • Posted to Designer News Subreddit Reaches 1000 Subscribers In Just 3 Days, May 06, 2019

    Can’t hold my self, when that sub reddit was launched, i wish pll saw that admins pathetic attempt to fix DN by removing downvotes and claiming that “more bans was on the way”

    That is the exact opposite how you manage a community. You don’t whip your community if theyre not happy.

    And that topic was the most downvoted thread I've ever seen on DN. my words to dn admins, this not a toxic thing. This is a reaction to your work. It’s ok for people to not like stuff. The world is not like dribbble comments. Still you have time to fix your alternative income by communicating with us. Do not assume your user’s needs. Dont forget that job board is valuable because you got users. If you don’t have the community than it’s a dead board. Focus on users not just income and profit.

    Seriously, set up a webconference next week and make your community involved with it and receive proper feedback if you still want to keep your users here.

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  • Posted to Designer News Subreddit Reaches 1000 Subscribers In Just 3 Days, May 06, 2019

    At least search function works on reddit.

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  • Posted to How to grow from a junior UI/UX designer to a senior designer?, May 05, 2019

    I worked at an agency for over a year as a junior UI/UX designer, but I was usually assigned to do less important design tasks such as drawing icons and illustrations. Even when the senior designer asked me to do some UI design or web design for products, he would always use his own design instead of my output.

    did you communicate why he was using his own designs instead of yours? Ask him. and tell him to be brutal as you're looking for answers.

    I feel like I would never be able to be a senior UI/UX designer if I kept doing this loop because I will never have the opportunity to design a complete product to enrich my portfolio.

    there's no such thing. never lose trust in you. if you can't grow your self esteem, just try to ignore that though for a good amount of time and focus on creating good stuff.

    I'd ask the community how do you grow from a junior UI/UX designer to a senior one? What is your pace?

    ok list of what to do,

    1) ignore the stupid articles on designer news. there are good ones but there are lots of misleading ones as well. 2) focus on observing yourself. try to notice your work pattern. do you slack off alot? don't do that. do you find yourself listening to music while working? don't listen then. etc. 3) mimic what's have been successful before. do not try to invent from scratch. what you're doing is not art. basic interactions are already been solved. you don't need to invent lightbulb again. 4) proove your worth. create dribble designs sketches everyday. even though when you did 40 dribbles it might not attract any attention. just observe, if it doesn't attract any attention there might be something wrong again. ask for reviews alot. not from dribble though. maybe from reddit. definetaly not here. 5) if your dribble / behance account nourishing and your company won't assign better tasks for you, some other company would offer a new job by that time. it's their loss.

    basically if you work hard, people would notice and you'll get your title.

    Titles are bullshit. don't focus on corporate labels. just focus on your work.

    Also, I wish I was doing only icons and illustrations now. Seriously, enjoy your time and don't rush anything. Even if it's icons that you have to do, try to make them perfect.

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  • Posted to The Evolution of DN , in reply to Andrew C , May 05, 2019

    Downvotes are silly because it incentivizes destructive behaviour over constructive behaviour.

    why do you think that? for your opinion disliking is destructive. Following your logic I also shouldn't dislike mass murderers, killers and rapists because it's silly do dislike them and disliking something incentivizes destructive behaviour over constructive behaviour.

    Oh, I remember that there was an app posted on here. It was a 'school shooter app' where you've picked the shooter's weapon from your app and tried to look for an exit and some bullshittery like that. If search on DN searched properly I would have linked it but that doesn't work for dn lol. It was the most insensitive post I've ever seen on DN. That kinda stuff should be downvoted. Not only 'supported'

    idk why I keep posting here. This place is garbage.

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  • Posted to The Evolution of DN , May 04, 2019

    Yaaay dictatorial regime

    “People are pushing perfectly good content” can you please extend that? Maybe it’s actually a shit content but you and mods only fond of the topic? I mean whats your benchmark?

    Way to turn this place into a complete circle jerking playground.

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  • Posted to Designer News Subreddit, in reply to James Young , May 03, 2019

    yeah companies can't pay volunteered mods to boost their articles for seo on reddit, it's not going to be the same.

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  • Posted to Designer News Subreddit, in reply to David Barker , May 03, 2019

    no please. seriously no.

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  • Posted to What's going on with DesignerNews?, May 02, 2019

    algorithm? lol dn does not have any kind of algorithm or anything smart implemented. even phbb is more functional

    probably no one's paying dn to boost articles during easter time don't worry.

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