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  • Posted to Zoomcare - service design applied to healthcare, Oct 26, 2015

    Pretty cool approach to problems in a sector that desperately needs it

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  • Posted to When a Client Doesn't Want to Sign a Contract, in reply to Chris Porter , Apr 29, 2015

    No - do 0 work for them from now on, tell them that their stance on contracts does not align with yours, and that you prefer to have clear and transparent dealings with all clients. If they don't want to sign a contract, you are done working with them, thank them for their time, and start looking for someone else.

    And in the future, never work for someone until a contract is inked.

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  • Posted to When a Client Doesn't Want to Sign a Contract, Apr 29, 2015

    This person is not a sugar momma client - what would make you think so? They refused to sign a contract, and they're late on their first payment. You have received no money. They don't even meet the technical definition of sugar momma.

    Let the client go and find someone else.

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  • Posted to Quartz Composer and Origami workflows, Mar 21, 2015

    how do you guys prototype animations and interaction design for web? obviously we can use InVision for the user flows, but for custom animations within the flow, I'm looking to use Origami / QC right now, but only finding resources for mobile prototyping.

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  • Posted to Facebook Launches Origami 2.0, in reply to Andreas H , Mar 21, 2015

    +1 !

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you participate in local design meetups? How did it go?, in reply to Ben Grace , Aug 29, 2014

    An even cursory attempt at greeting everyone who came to the meetup, introducing team members, and giving us a 30 second rundown of why we're here, what changes have been made to the product that appears on the walls, and why they're excited to share their work with us.

    Not a single one of these things was done - it was just show up, get a shirt, there's the food, good luck finding everyone, type thing.

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  • Posted to How do I get all FontAwesome fonts to work in Sketch?, in reply to Tung Jacob , Aug 13, 2014

    my sketch 3 refuses to open it

    "font awesome symbols.sketch could not be opened"

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you participate in local design meetups? How did it go?, Jul 31, 2014

    I went to Palantir's Dribbble meetup which I thought needed a bit more structure. It was just a super casual thing with the product emblazoned on the walls with projectors, which is fine, but it was hard to track down people on the team, and given the nature of the product, they were all very mum about what they could and couldn't say. Of course all of the products we design are proprietary to some point, but this was kind of silly.

    Great food though!

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  • Posted to Results: DN Survey of Design Salaries 2014, Jul 24, 2014


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  • Posted to Khoi Vinh - Bélo from Airbnb, Jul 16, 2014

    Personally I think it's a poorly thought out misstep, with design overstepping its bounds into the business realm. There's no tangibly valuable reason to plaster this redesign document and the thought that went into it all over the front page for customers to see other than mental masturbation and ego-stroking. Bury it in the footer and let us enjoy the new experience. For those who are truly interested in this sort of thing (marketing professionals, designers, etc), we'll find it in the footer or via an email or something.

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