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  • Posted to What website design trends do you think are coming to WordPress in 2017?, in reply to Alex Hoffman , Dec 30, 2016

    There are some products out there that focus on making Jekyll easier to use. A few of these services are Siteleaf, Forestry and CloudCanon We've used Siteleaf in our agency for a few projects and we like the approach of making static sites easier to use. These services solve real problems and the developer experience is much more pleasant than WordPress. But, Jekyll and WordPress are slow and started their lives focused on blogging. That means you have to bend them to be more general purpose content management systems.

    Starting projects with caveats didn't sit well with us. We decided to take our experience building hundreds of websites, using all sorts of CMSes, to build a new kind of CMS platform from scratch. It's called TakeShape TakeShape is currently in a private beta but we've got some big ideas about the future of content management. Some of the fun things we've got cooking: drag-and-drop data modeling, instant GraphQL API, super fast static site generation and built-in hosting. Our concept focuses on optimizing content creator UX and developer UX. We want to allow developers to focus on adding value to content instead of battling their CMS.

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