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  • Posted to Figma introduces PDF exports, Dec 11, 2018

    I've already utilized the .pdf export for a government agency that still only uses IE11. (since IE isn't supported by Figma). Figma made the export process very easy to export all of the screens, then I just relinked areas in the .pdf doc to mimic the prototype. Figma is great....but damn...US government agencies need to update from IE.

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  • Posted to New information architecture and UX/UI redesign for a big electricity and gas supplier company, Oct 03, 2018

    Great work Laszlo!

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  • Posted to Atlassian and InVision announce partnership, in reply to Mitchell Knight , Sep 05, 2018

    I am also curious about this possibility. While I do not use InVision products, it would be worrisome should Atlassian scoop them up and homogenize their product offering to sit inside their current suite of tools.

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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher Beta download, Aug 30, 2018

    I am so excited to try this out!

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  • Posted to What websites do you visit daily?, Aug 29, 2018

    Designer News


    Graphic Exchange


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  • Posted to Copywriter Recommendations, Aug 16, 2018

    I've worked with Chelsea for years, she's a great copywriter and editor. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chelseahessmoore/

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  • Posted to Do you have a framework to document your product design decisions you take during the course of a project?, in reply to Jed Lehmann , Aug 08, 2018

    That's pretty similar to what our one product team does as well.

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  • Posted to What do we think of Fiverr?, in reply to anthony thomas , Aug 08, 2018

    I think that is a bit of stretch to equate this inquiry as random. God knows we see enough posts similar to this like "What do you think of InVision Studio?" or "What do you think of X companies' rebranding?"

    In my own regards to Fiverr.....It's not even a blip on my radar.....Fiverr and 99Designs never come up in conversations with any of the designers I work with or know in my area.

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  • Posted to I ran the design team for FedLoan Servicing & American Education Services. AMA, in reply to Nick Dominguez , Aug 02, 2018

    No problemo. I realize it was a wall of text....so I apologize if your eyes are bleeding :)

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  • Posted to I ran the design team for FedLoan Servicing & American Education Services. AMA, in reply to Nick Dominguez , Aug 02, 2018

    Great question and not as vague as you might think.

    The Income Driven Repayments Plans (IDR) are actually mandated by Dept. of Education's Federal Student Aid. FedLoan Servicing is one of the four "TIVAs" or Title 4 Servicers that Dept. of Education contracts with to service student loans. The other TIVA's include Navient, Great Lakes and Nelnet (but Great Lakes and Nelnet are merging...so there will be only 3 soon). Servicing a student loan is not the same as getting your loan...FedLoan acts on behalf of Dept. of Education to collect the payments....your loans are originated (given to you) by the federal government. All of this is pertinent to the IDR plans...

    When the Dept. of Education's Federal Student Aid (or FSA) gives a mandate...they broadly say "Hey, you're all going to do this now....figure it out....we'll tell if you're doing it wrong or not." They give us the plan and we are tasked with implementing it with the borrowers interest in the fore-front of our minds. Most people don't know which IDR plan is the best fit for them. So the design team created a lot of user stories and customer journey maps to discover a happy path and discover tangents and potential scenarios where certain borrowers might have a complicated financial situation to solve for. Once we have created the user stories and journey maps, we would test our ideas by creating mockups of screens and we would use usertesting.com for remote testing. Why remote testing? We can dial in the population of testers quite easily for various ethnographic needs. We learned a lot from remote testing and currently, the qualitative data from those tests are being synthesized to help redesign the current IDR plan page

    As far as weighing success for the borrower vs client (FSA)....that can be tricky. In the broadest definition....by implementing a mandate, we've succeeded in the eyes of the government. From a customer standpoint, just having the service doesn't mean jack, so our goal is to create easy to follow instructions and resources to educate and empower the borrower as much as possible in their decision making process. We technically can't tell borrowers which plan is best for them, that would be considered financial advising and that is big no-no in the industry. We view success for the customer when they have successfully applied for an IDR plan that best suits their financial situation and they are making on time payments without requesting any additional Deferment/Forbearance (aka stopping payment for a while).

    Could we do things better? Absolutely.

    Things the Customer Experience Department (includes design, development, product management, insights and analytics, requirements, marketing, and communications) are doing include more in person testing, more discovery sprints (purely focused on understanding the borrower's journey) to make actionable design decisions, and moving to a lean UX methodology to build, test, deliver, iterate in a much faster time frame. They are also pushing back with FSA on mandates that aren't very borrower focused (In fact, when FedLoan pushes back...the other TIVA's follow suit to show a united front...sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't).

    So a long winded answer, but definitely a great question.

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