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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you organize your web projects?, in reply to Jan Haaland , Jan 06, 2017

    It's very much catered to my needs and I'm not sure if anyone else would find it useful, but I've considered releasing it in the future should time permit.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you organize your web projects?, Jan 06, 2017

    Built my own web application using Laravel that I host locally. It's customised to my exact needs and supports invoicing, time tracking, projects, clients, etc.

    Oregano looks interesting. I've just signed up to the beta. :)

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  • Posted to 2017 Goals, in reply to Lucian .es , Dec 28, 2016

    Nice website, Lucian!

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  • Posted to 2017 Goals, in reply to Ale Urrutia , Dec 28, 2016

    Don't own an iPad unfortunately! Sold it a few months back.

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  • Posted to New job, fresh Macbook, what are some must have installs?, Dec 28, 2016

    Laravel Valet is freaking amazing and has been the biggest game changer in my development workflow in years.

    Bear is beautiful too and I couldn't live without Wunderlist for task management.

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  • Posted to Any designers using 12" Macbook?, Dec 28, 2016

    I’ve been in love with my 12” MacBook since July. Apps I use daily with no issues include Atom, CodeKit, Sketch, Bear, Chrome and Spotify.

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  • Posted to 2017 Goals, Dec 28, 2016

    After working in-house at an agency since 2009, I spent 6 months backpacking through Asia in 2016 and hope to start my own business in 2017.

    Some immediate goals that come to mind:

    • Learn basic icon design to enhance my products
    • Read through Meng To’s Design+Code from start to finish to get a basic handle on iOS programming in Swift
    • Develop a custom Laravel application for PlayStation gamers in Australia/New Zealand

    On top of that, I’m sure there will be countless other things to learn. For example, Vue.js is a framework I’d love to explore.

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