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  • Posted to Designers who are 40 plus, how are you..., in reply to Brijean Brennan , Apr 10, 2019

    It's strange to me that design is considered "a young industry" in terms of it all being people in their early to mid-twenties. The majority of designers I meet are over 30. Is it a cultural difference I wonder? I'm in the UK, not the USA.

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  • Posted to Designers who are 40 plus, how are you..., in reply to Mike Wilson , Apr 10, 2019

    Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, Dave Clark, Michael Johnson - practising older designers are rarer, but still around. With an ageing population and poorer pension plans, I expect to see a lot more around in the future.

    There is a perception that the most creative ideas come from younger creatives, but that isn't borne out when you really look at what goes on in agencies. It's a combination of the older and younger minds that really helps.

    Many designers also go off into other fields, or move into management, as a natural progression.

    I'm over the 40 mark, but I see myself continuing to practice. A lot of the time I'm the one with a better eye on the latest trends, which I find odd! A young mind maybe ;) I would be very interested in doing less hands-on and more management though…

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  • Posted to Who Runs The World - Infographics website for International Women's Day 2019, Mar 10, 2019


    1. There are zero infographics on the site.
    2. Suggesting that alcohol is the best way to relax is not recommended.

    The sentiment is great though.

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  • Posted to Realtimeboard is now MIRO, in reply to Luke B , Mar 08, 2019

    Ah interesting, I hadn't seen that styling. Thanks for posting. Odd to change again so quickly.

    Slack are playing around with mixing photos, illustrations, and patterns, and there seems to be a move to collages. It's certainly a style I appreciate. I would imagine that they want to move away from the Upsplash look that everyone now uses :)

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  • Posted to Realtimeboard is now MIRO, Mar 08, 2019

    The new branding works for me - it's certainly an improvement on the blandness they had before. Yes, you can see an influence from Slack and DropBox, but it's definitely their own flavour. What's wrong with that?

    Miro is much better than Realtimeboard.

    It will be interesting to hear the story behind it and see how it develops.

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  • Posted to What are the most important principles of web design?, in reply to Marc Edwards , Feb 11, 2019

    Indeed - you're not wrong, Marc.

    And I think Medium have switched to 20px now?

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  • Posted to What are the most important principles of web design?, in reply to Sercan Yavasoglu , Feb 10, 2019

    16px is the recommended minimum readable size, but for text-heavy sites like Medium, 21px is generally more usable. The real trick is to ensure people can easily set the size to whatever suits them - so no setting font sizes in px!

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  • Posted to What is the correct approach for gathering feedback from different departments at the same time?, in reply to David Melendez , Feb 10, 2019

    Why do they get to choose the format? Explain (to whoever is best to influence them) how much extra time it takes to make the PDFs and sift through the feedback for every iteration. Then tell them that they will be using Invision from now on :)

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  • Posted to What are the most important principles of web design?, Feb 10, 2019

    Nothing about accessibility?

    WCAG 2.0 standards as the minimum, with thought going into colour contrast, layout, navigation, readability, legibility, image titling, keyboard and screen reader access… etc.

    What about information architecture?

    Research, card sorts, sitemaps, personas, user and business goals, hierarchies - all necessary beyond simple sites.

    Websites are not, on the whole, art projects. Aesthetics are only one aspect.

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  • Posted to What book are you reading now?, Jan 28, 2019

    Just read Gideon Falls: The Black Barn, which I can recommend, but if you want just work-related books, I'm also reading a great book on designing information environments for people rather than sales called Living In Information by Jorge Arango.

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