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  • Posted to Why You Should Never Use Pure Black for Text or Backgrounds, May 17, 2018

    "Our articles are based on research..." Hmmm...

    You're promoting an article (that you wrote yourself) that does not cite ONE scholarly article and you think its OK to have a title as demanding as "Why YOU Should NEVER Use Pure Black for Text or Backgrounds"?

    How much time did you spend on your literature review, given that your "references" only include an uncorrelated survey, an ambiguous wiki page, a broken link, and a color contrast tool and spec? Your conclusions are based on nothing but speculation. Why should anyone accept your non-peer-reviewed blog post as scientific truth?

    I don't plan on reading your 234 articles, but after reading the latest few, I am actually concerned that there are "UX Designers" in the world using your website as guidance. In my opinion, this website has been developed to clickbait/drive traffic to its 32 sponsors — not to provide real research for the UX Design community in general.

    EDIT: I'm curious, after writing 234 "research-based" blog posts, how many HCI experiments have you conducted and/or how many publications have you authored/co-authored? Your name/work did not appear in ACM or IEEE after performing a quick search.

    I'm also curious as to why your posts are not categorized using the'Show DN' tag when you're clearly promoting your own work.

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  • Posted to Are there any tools / sites out there to teach young kids how to code? (very basic level), Feb 21, 2014

    Two options to consider while in your search...


    Team Treehouse

    Both are user friendly and help establish a foundation for what your trying to do. They both focus on the interface to help the user really understand what they're practicing. Team Treehouse is a bit more extensive because it offers a wide range of studies.

    Goodluck, I hope this helped!

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