Luis La Torre

Luis La Torre

Miami Beach, FL Director of the Awesome Sauce, also a Product Designer Freelancer I guess. Joined almost 4 years ago

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  • Posted to How Do You Decide How Many Columns Your Grids Should Have?, in reply to Pete Schirmer , Jan 19, 2018

    That helps a lot.

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  • Posted to Zeroqode will usher us into a codeless future, Jan 13, 2018

    Every time I hear people refer to people who code as "techies", it makes me cringe.

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  • Posted to Site Design: This Year in Books by Amazon, Dec 20, 2017

    One of Puerto Rico's top book is a non-fiction book.

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  • Posted to launches iOS app, Dec 19, 2017

    I really like the app, I just wish the would have animation in the transition between states everytime I click something. (web app)

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  • Posted to Open Source Sketch, Dec 08, 2017

    Wordpress is a non-profit organization. A CMS can be used by anyone that can write, so that makes the "impact reach" a bit bigger. A vector tool takes time to learn, so the pool of people that will be willing to do that will be smaller, so the "impact reach" is smaller. I think in order for this to work, you would need to convince developers and designers of a product like Sketch, that making a designer tool available for free is so essential for societies to prosper. I think the motivation of a lot of open source projects is that reach they can have. This is only a theory and my opinion. Curious what others have to say on this.

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  • Posted to Framer — Better screen design awaits, in reply to Jrtorrents Dorman , Dec 07, 2017

    Now windows yet, I have been lurking on their career page, I have seen a few Windows job postings. Btw you are talking about Framer studio because Framerjs is just a framework that you can use anywhere.

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  • Posted to Framer — Better screen design awaits, in reply to Anthony Short , Dec 07, 2017

    But Coffee ... so biutiful

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  • Posted to Framer — Better screen design awaits, in reply to John Sherwin , Dec 07, 2017

    I am with you John, I am with you.

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  • Posted to Sketch 48, in reply to Emanuel Serbanoiu , Dec 06, 2017

    If I sacrifice myself how much karma do you think I will get?

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  • Posted to What I don’t like about Abstract, Nov 17, 2017

    Just switch to figma, their version control is a bit basic. But it is worth giving it ago on a small project.

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