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  • Posted to Sketch 46, Aug 01, 2017

    Not a fan of the update to the overrides menu for symbols - I don't want to have to cycle through each parent of my nested symbol in order to change the override..?

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  • Posted to Custom Photoshop Workspaces for UI Design?, in reply to Manik Rathee , Feb 18, 2014

    Hey this is an awesome setup, can I ask how you get two documents open like that? I understand you can duplicate a window, but that doesn't sync changes across both docs. I would like to have one @2x document open on two windows, one window at 50% on Thunderbolt display and one at 100% on rMBP, is this possible?

    -EDIT- Don't worry I found it!

    Window > Arrange > New Window for ...

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