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  • Posted to How do you monitor all your social network channels?, in reply to Sarper Erel , Apr 09, 2017

    It's true. The more you are aware of your networks, the more you think those contents are really important.

    My approach is similar but I try to have as few networks as possible (e.g. LinkedIn gone and FB soon, too).

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  • Posted to A site for bullshitfree design articles, Mar 11, 2017

    To avoid being you the sole person behind the project, I think you should consider forming a very small team, maybe 2-3 persons you trust to help you curate contents. Even better if they have a different perspective about the field, so you can present contents responding to distinctive point of views.

    It is a good idea, but do think on how to monetise this, at least to have some sort of motivation to keep the project going if, at some point, you are too tired to continue.

    Maybe creating a magazine on Flipboard (https://flipboard.com/) could be a good, low risk, start.

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  • Posted to A site for bullshitfree design articles, in reply to Sacha Greif , Mar 11, 2017

    I also think it could be good idea, so you don't feel in the need of posting anything that's not valuable enough of sharing, just to fill the gap.

    It could also give you, perhaps, more time to add something regarding why that link is there (e.g. your personal views or any sort of short comment).

    I think a problem with some of the sites that only provide links, is that you normally have to open and close them to know what they are about, something that could, maybe be avoided with a short text beforehand.

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  • Posted to As a Designer I want better Release Notes, Mar 03, 2017

    Very good article, hopefully more apps will take this into consideration and not just put the lazy, boring "bug fixes and performance improvements".

    I really like Medium's notes, telling a story makes it very coherent with the product itself; it's enjoyable too.

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  • Posted to Design Report 2016 - Photoshop isn't leading anymore, in reply to Ivan Drinchev , Feb 23, 2017

    I think even better would be a web-based version (just like Figma) so everybody can use it --no matter what your OS is.

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  • Posted to Zeplin vs Sympli vs Avocode, in reply to Vincent Jouty , Jan 24, 2017

    Actually, no. I haven't tried it yet.

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  • Posted to This is Juventus' New Logo, in reply to Daniel Golden , Jan 17, 2017

    Pretty accurate. I speak a bit of Italian, and I think this part fits better:

    …"and a style that communicates our way of being".

    I think he's trying to say that it fits better with who they are now, their personality and values. Not necessarily means anything, though, as those are branding buzzwords.

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  • Posted to How do you make visual QA of your designs?, in reply to Deny Khoung , Jan 05, 2017

    Yes, that's a nice approach, to teach them see why something is broken. I've met some developers that can't distinguish some differences with the actual design, not just those "1px to the left" that only designers see, but bigger ones as well : )

    In the other hand, it's really nice when someone who is not a designer points you out that something on the UI doesn't feel right.

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  • Posted to How do you make visual QA of your designs?, in reply to Michael McLaughlin , Jan 05, 2017

    Thanks! Currently I have no permits to post directly on Jira. They prefer to have someone else in charge of supervising all the tickets that are created. I would push to post on Jira directly, but I'm missing some feature to point in which part of the screen is the issue.

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  • Posted to How do you make visual QA of your designs?, in reply to Jonathan Alpmyr , Jan 05, 2017

    This one, right? https://bugherd.com/

    Thanks! I'll give it a try.

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