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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, in reply to Steven Mills , Jul 19, 2018

    I was just considering to buy this bag as they've been re-targeting with a lot of ads.

    I'm pretty sold now on reading your review! Was wondering how do you find them on your shoulders?

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  • Posted to Sample of Mobile Apps in landscape mode, Jul 09, 2018

    Unless your app is a game or an entertainment app, I would suggest you have a good value proposition for landscape mode.

    That being said, all the native iOS apps support landscape mode. Safari, Keynote, Facetime, Contacts etc.

    If you can specific about the utility of the app or what kind of task users might be doing, then you can get better inspirations from the community.

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  • Posted to Using animated illustrations to communicate complex concepts, in reply to William Newton , Jun 26, 2018

    Thank you! <3

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  • Posted to Using animated illustrations to communicate complex concepts, in reply to William Newton , Jun 22, 2018

    Hey Willian! Would love to see the process & tools behind this. May be an article? :)

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  • Posted to iOS 12 Battery Usage UI Gets A New Look & Here’re Better Ideas, Jun 20, 2018
    1. How would this work on iPad?
    2. How would this work in landscape mode?
    3. How would this work with dynamic font sizes and accessibility modifications?
    4. How would this work with other languages?
    5. How would this help users, compared to the current iOS 12 (coming this fall)

    Designing for Apple means thinking about these 5 and 100 other factors.

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  • Posted to Speak Your Mind, Jun 11, 2018

    :'( why mental health is a marketing campaign for Squarespace

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  • Posted to Overflow is now in public beta & available to download, for free! User flows done right., in reply to Eugene Ross , May 23, 2018

    Invision arrives

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  • Posted to GIFs of website interaction... How are you making them?, May 20, 2018

    Once you go Licecap, everything else feels okay'sh

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  • Posted to “A design that merges iOS and Android”, in reply to Johan Ronsse , May 20, 2018

    React Native is still part Native. Your design system/product design can exist separately without worrying about that.

    Reason being React still powers your product and features but your platform engineers can define different components that don't have to necessarily look the same. The functionality needs to be pretty much same though, in order to move fast.

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  • Posted to Microsoft Surface Hub 2, May 16, 2018

    The product looks stunning. I would love to have it in my ideation room to sketch ideas collaboratively.

    But the site doesn't do even a tiny bit justice to the product they are building. The ultra-thin segue for both body and title is super hard to read. The video that teased this product feels superior and perhaps in line with Apple marketing, but the website feels like it's done with no love for the product or company.

    I'm genuinely sad. 

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