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  • Posted to Interplay., Oct 16, 2018

    It looks good! I can't wait to give it a try, having angular components is great as lots of places use it. The focus on react/vue with some other design tools is a little sad.

    I'm still waiting for something like this to replace the html/css/javascript/emacs/git/github pages stack I use for prototyping (which I still find rock solid). It'll be annoying if the preview links have "POWERED BY INTERPLAY" which I daresay they might...

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  • Posted to Interplay., in reply to Todd Cantley , Oct 16, 2018

    I'm sure DN can figure it out. Most reddit communities get it right, down voting should only be used on comments that provide 0 value or are spam. Not on comments that disagree with you/provide a different point of view.

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  • Posted to How does your prototyping workflow look like?, Oct 05, 2018

    Why is there always such a focus on mobile apps when it comes to talking about prototyping? I'm a web designer and use html/css/js for prototyping, no options for that at all :/

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  • Posted to Mailchimp Brand Refresh!, Sep 27, 2018

    Not loading for some reason

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  • Posted to Which one is best for UI Designers? Trackpad & Mouse & Touchpad?, Sep 17, 2018

    Whatever you prefer. Personally I'm using keyboard mostly (designing heavily with html/css) but when I need to open sketch, it's trackpad followed closely by mouse. Not the Magic Mouse (hurts my wrist) but a cheap USB microsoft one :D

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  • Posted to Site Design: Siri, in reply to Spencer Haizel , Sep 14, 2018

    Hmm, seems okay for me (and not sure Apple would want to ship unusable websites). What are you experiencing?

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  • Posted to Site Design: Siri, Sep 14, 2018

    I don't know why but I've never really liked the masonry grid layout. The fact that they aren't vertically aligned bothers me so much. It makes it harder to scan/read easily and feels unbalanced in a way.

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  • Posted to Figma just got a lot faster , in reply to Cory Williams , Sep 13, 2018

    I agree but I also think design tools should evolve to cater for these workflows more natively (like where is heading).

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  • Posted to Uber rebrand, in reply to Tony Gines , Sep 13, 2018

    If "vanilla" was their aim (so they can shrink into the background), sounds like they were pretty successful :)

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  • Posted to Uber rebrand, Sep 13, 2018


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