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  • Posted to How did you overcome your darkest days in your career? , Nov 15, 2016

    I agree with Philip Weber. For severely dark days, a healthy distance and new found curiosity is what brings us back to this field.

    I had also ended up in a position where I couldn't help but question everything that I've done. Spent days thinking that I'm such a failure. However, fortunately/unfortunately because of health reasons I ended up in a situation that made it impossible for me to do anything with my life other than watch a lot of tv shows and play ipad games while stuck in bed lol.

    After months of nothingness, all I wanted was to do anything with my life and I missed design so much. I was hesitant to go straight back into design, however, so I signed up for a front-end coding bootcamp (one of those three+ months ones that runs 9 to 6 everyday). It was such a refreshing experience to use writing and letters to create a visual output that I've always been able to create so easily with sketch or adobe products.

    I'm back working as a product designer, but definitely with a stronger sense of purpose and a richer perspective as Philip Weber has described. Sometimes you just need to take time and venture elsewhere to find what you need.

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