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  • Posted to Useful resource with over 13 million professionally cut-out transparent PNG images, Aug 14, 2020

    OKay... DN do something about this now... Every once in a while, some dude with different usernames post a site with these fucking cut out png's. Millions of them. And a second later a comment follows commenting on the "Nice waves on the front page"... SHUT up!!


    And a list of profiles commenting on these, and posting these Jan Norton Matt Jones Scarlett Farmer

    You're welcome. Now fuck off with those shitty sites

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  • Posted to Tetrisly for FIGMA!, in reply to Andrew Mialszygrosz , Mar 03, 2020

    I dont really care. I click the stories or links i find interesting, so have at it, but that's what a voting ring is :-)

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  • Posted to How to Reduce Sketch File Size, Feb 10, 2020

    I chuckled at this headline.. since im at an agency where its not an option to switch from photoshop for web design. Ive handled files that where 11gb+

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  • Posted to Really Good Emails 2.0, Jul 18, 2019

    Finally! Use your site often, and have been wanting a user based platform forever so i could favorite the emails (i did also email you along time ago and proposed the idea about a login, and you said it was on its way) Nice update! thank you. Hope its faster too. The old sites loading times werent great.

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  • Posted to Dimensions.Guide | Free Drawings and Silhouettes of Things, Jan 08, 2019

    That is dope! and very comprehensive! Shared it with my team!

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  • Posted to HTML/CSS/JS Courses for designers, Sep 02, 2018

    Awesome feeback! Thanks! Ill look into every single recommendation. Cheers!

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  • Posted to What are the design related websites you visit at least once a week besides DN?, Feb 22, 2018

    i use the Muzli chrome extension. In there i have all the stuff i need. Including Designernews. I use it an awful lot. Everything together in one place. Love it.

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