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  • Posted to Best WordPress Deals for Black Friday, Nov 23, 2017

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  • Posted to Smart Slider 3.1 Sneak Peek Video + Beta Test, in reply to Jansen Tolle , Oct 27, 2016


    Few months ago we updated our build system to server minified and compressed assets.

    Here is the result for one of our demo page: CSS -> 4kb (gzipped) 39kb (uncompressed) JS -> 97kb (gzipped) 336kb (uncompressed)

    So we push 101kb on the network to deliver the main assets (it contains jQuery and GSAP[for animations] libraries which took most of the size)

    The HTML [size] part of the slider depends on the user who creates the slider, if you add 3 high resolution images, you should expect that it will take some time to deliver.

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