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Matt Martin

San Francisco, CA CEO @ Clockwise Joined about 9 years ago via an invitation from Robert W.

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  • Posted to Clockwise — tool for teams to get more time for focus — launches with Accel + Greylock, in reply to Andy Lee , Jun 18, 2019

    Thanks Andy! Office365 is the first step on that journey. Some day we'll build out Exchange as well, but no firm commitment on timeline.

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  • Posted to Clockwise — tool for teams to get more time for focus — launches with Accel + Greylock, in reply to Jim Silverman , Jun 17, 2019

    Hi Jim, this is actually the core of what Clockwise does best. The Clockwise platform looks across the set of people you commonly meet with in order to understand their schedules and preferences, not just your own. So, when you use Clockwise to schedule, move a meeting, or put a meeting on our Autopilot system, Clockwise will analyze all attendee schedules to find the best time for everyone — considering inferred preferences, focus time blocks, timezones, and even rooms.

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  • Posted to Clockwise — tool for teams to get more time for focus — launches with Accel + Greylock, Jun 17, 2019

    Hi DN. This community has been so supportive of Clockwise and I wanted to share the news that we're out of private beta. We officially launched this morning and are open to signups for all G-Suite users.

    Clockwise is an intelligent calendar assistant that frees up your time so you can work on what matters. We use AI to create uninterrupted blocks of time, enhance Slack, take the stress out of complex scheduling, resolve double bookings, and so much more.

    I'm the founder/CEO over here, please feel free to reach out any time with questions/feedback. My email is "matt" at our website url.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Posted to Chance The Rapper's album art in CSS, Jul 21, 2018

    Will, nice work!

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  • Posted to Clockwise for Chrome. Transform your calendar to make time for focused work., May 09, 2018

    Hi everyone, I'm the CEO of Clockwise and a long-time Designer News reader.

    I thought what we're working on may resonate with the community. I know what it's like to have your afternoon blown up by a poorly timed one-on-one. Clockwise is built to help optimize your team's schedules for focus time and provide more automatic insights.

    We're still in private beta, but if anyone would like early-access, please drop a comment in and I'll get you in. And all feedback/thoughts are very much welcome.

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  • Posted to Stripe Sigma, Jun 02, 2017

    Every time Stripe launches a product page, it blows me away. Such an impressive team.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: 13" or 15" Retina MacBook Pro?, in reply to Manik Rathee , Jul 01, 2014

    100% agreed. My work issued me a spec'd-out 15" and I politely returned it in favor of a 13". Primary reasons:

    • Weight/size: I was coming from a 13" Air, so the 15" seemed like an antiquated behemoth. It really is a pretty massive computer despite the recent slim-down. If you commute at all, the 13" is your friend.
    • Specs: there's just not that much difference between the 13 and 15" models anymore in terms of power. The processor line upgrade is welcome, but most things I do (software engineer) are not processor constrained and the RAM limit (16gb) is the same on both. Unless you're doing something that is GPU constrained, you'll never notice the difference (the 15" does have a much better GPU).
    • External Display: I have one at work so the smaller screen isn't a big deal. And when I'm commuting or at home, I can scale up the resolution to get more room.
    • Display Res: both models have too little screen real estate in retina mode anyway. I use retina for checking assets and doing details, but most often I'm in a scaled mode to get more room anyway. And the difference in usable screen real estate between the two models is minimal.

    tl;dr: The 13", in my opinion, is a better laptop for almost every user. Screen real estate doesn't change much, power is almost the same, but the portability increases dramatically. Unless you do a lot of GPU heavy processes, 13" all the way.

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