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  • Posted to New article out: The Falafel Method for UI Design, Aug 17, 2017


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  • Posted to Vector icon speed runs, Jul 21, 2017

    Why not in Skala?

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  • Posted to Avocode's 2016 Web Design Trends Report, in reply to Janis Vegis , Feb 22, 2017

    I actually find it fine. Multiple navigation paradigms to skip ahead / back / to a specific chapter, and on mobile native functionality is granted. If you are going to take control of scrolling, this is a good implementation IMO.

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  • Posted to 7 things I learned from the first day at Interaction 17, Feb 07, 2017

    2017: Reverse Skeuomorphism. Got it.

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  • Posted to Personal Site Design Breakdown - Draft, Feb 07, 2017

    I mean, it's a unique look for an agency. But it's the same exact longform marketing format that every online SEO consultant has used to advertise "DOUBLE YOUR AUDIENCE" for the better part of a decade, even down to the "content marketing" article and "FREE COURSE" below...

    Oh - and look! They even sell consultation "packages" for clients to sign up for. Pretty sure I read about that in a "how to double your revenue" article online. Surprised there wasn't a pop-up newsletter opt-in when I tried to navigate away.

    Again - it's nice to see different takes on this, and I'm sure it's effective at getting clients, but it reads like an SEO consultancy (to this guy, at least). No h8.

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  • Posted to Any designers who work with coded prototypes?, in reply to Xavier Bertels , Feb 06, 2017

    Hi - generally they are only available via a specific link and only shared internally. Usually old buckets get deleted after the sprint ends - the designs themselves are archived in the git repo if they need to be referenced.

    If there's anything super sensitive, there are a few Middleman methods you can use to password protect the bucket, haven't really gone down that path myself but it's doable probably

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  • Posted to Any designers who work with coded prototypes?, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Feb 03, 2017

    Yeah. It's not super useful for anything with multiple interactions between pages since there's no real data being stored, but the animations are present and I fudge modals with jquery etc to make it as close to "real" as it'd be.

    It sometimes presents trouble in user testing because it looks so "real", users expect interactions to work, reflect inputs being saved, etc., So it's important to either use fake data and then specifically prompt for actions using that, or set expectations ahead of time.

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  • Posted to Any designers who work with coded prototypes?, Feb 01, 2017

    Hi - Yes I use primarily html / css prototypes to share designs with dev team. I use a stack of Middleman + AWS s3 to accomplish this.

    I set up buckets that correspond to our current development sprint so that each sprint's designs are "locked", and available at a unique address (i.e. so I can continue to work on "future" features on the main prototype without risking changing what someone is currently working on. I also push a commit to our shared git repo that also corresponds to our current sprint, locking all needed code and styles for those items.

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  • Posted to Tips on choosing an external Mac display for designers and developers, Dec 12, 2016

    Surprised it's not a blank page with an Amazon affiliate link to the Dell UH2515H - Incredibly solid monitor, great glare coating (imo), under $325 shipped Prime. Not quite retina but still a very nice resolution for the screen size. Have one at work and one at my home workstation.

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  • Posted to Facebook iOS 10 GUI and Updated Website, Oct 17, 2016

    Oh man why do the card tags disappear when I hover over the card - I want to click them! ...not have them disappear and be replaced with something else

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