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  • Posted to Why the Research Against Sliders is Wrong, Dec 13, 2017

    I think the biggest argument against sliders is general discoverability. It obscures a lot of potentially useful content. There are ways to solve this: using small thumbnails to give hits at the content. For the traditional "Hero" slider though solving this is very challenging.

    So it comes down to an opportunity cost issue. If you ask yourself "What's the best way to let users discover this content?" the answer is rarely a "hero" slider. There's almost always a better way to do it that accomplishes the same goals.

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  • Posted to Design Ideas for Mobile Menus, Dec 11, 2017

    Slide out psuedo hamburger menu's are "ideas" now?

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  • Posted to Leading screen design tool in 2018, in reply to Tyson Kingsbury , Dec 07, 2017

    The "here's the link" aspect of Figma is a bigger deal than most people think. Being able to have one source of truth that everyone can check into at any time is incredible.

    I've never had a better presentation experience either, especially with the simple prototyping tool that they recently built. It helps so much to be able to actually click on a button and have it actually go to the page it's supposed to rather than "So when they click here, it's going to go to... scrolling around to find the screen... here".

    On top of that the library system is amazing.

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  • Posted to New Email Design System by UX Power Tools, Dec 01, 2017

    Not sure creating emails in sketch is a problem worth solving. It's the transition to HTML and making sure things don't break down too heavily in Outlook that's the real hurdle.

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  • Posted to The only design tool product teams need right now— InVision Studio, Nov 26, 2017

    Figma already combines about 2/3 of the tools they are using (with windows compatibility). Most of the problems talked about here seem to be process issues (Devs needing PSDs... is this 2008?) that Studio isn't going to magically solve.

    I'm optimistic about Studio and very excited to try it out but I'm cautiously pessimistic it will be the end-all-be-all. I'd love to be surprised though.

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  • Posted to Tapwater - Home for your Projects, in reply to Ian Williams , Nov 22, 2017

    The screenshots are too small to really get any value out of them. I loved the page to this point. Not being able to see the interface very well is incredibly frustrating.

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  • Posted to The Commoditization of Creative Projects, Nov 21, 2017

    First line made me roll my eyes...

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  • Posted to Suggestions for growing my Dribbble following?, Nov 05, 2017

    My current focus is to grow my community on Dribbble

    This feels very shallow... one might assume it's a tactic you think will get you clients. It might one day... but when? Maybe when you have 5k followers? Maybe 20k? Maybe never... but hey, you will know you are a great designer because of all the likes and comments you get on your work right?

    I get it. The social/content marketing side of things is a really easy trap to slide into at the start of your career. It caught me for a while. You post flashy work that has zero real world value and you get easy validation from the masses who are doing exactly the same thing. It's easy and fun but it's ultimately a distraction from what you really need to be doing: getting clients

    Get out there and do some real work. Look up a few local business and find the ones that need the most help on their website and pitch them. Delight them with your work and turn that into referrals or you can take all the freelance work you've done and find a in house job. It's a lot harder than posting shots on Dribbble but it's also a lot more fulfilling and it's actually how you get going in the industry.

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  • Posted to Coindex for iOS, Oct 19, 2017

    Cryptocurrency trackers are the new weather app.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD 1.0, in reply to Andrew B , Oct 18, 2017

    If you use CC only for XD that's true, but if you use other CC programs as many do it's no additional cost which can be a big deal to many people.

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