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Matt Homer

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  • Posted to Pair Design. Does anyone have any insights?, Jan 31, 2019

    Me and Judit pair design. I am a UX designer and she is a UX researcher and she just wrote an article about How we pair design.

    When we work, we both work. Depending on the stage of the project and what skills are required, we sometimes work on the same task, 1 of us leading, the other supporting. Other times we are on different tasks, with the other constantly available for brainstorming and feedback. We often iterate on each other’s work until we reach the right solution.

    Working as a design pair has been a serious upgrade to our work, both in speed and quality of our design. We can design, test and refine though ideas so much faster. This tight collaboration and accountability makes me a more effective designer.


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  • Posted to Case study: How we helped Mullvad making the internet safer for everyone., Jan 29, 2019

    This was a really fun and challenging project. Judit and I paired designed the cross-platform VPN apps, from project inception to delivery. We worked remotely and collaboratively with the Mullvad development team and stakeholders.

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  • Posted to How we do pair design, Jan 28, 2019

    Pair designing with Judit allows me to design and iterate much faster. Incorporating UX research and testing at all stages of product lifecycle makes my designs more user-centric, by removing my bias and ego from the decision-making. It’s been a serious power-up as a UX designer.

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  • Posted to Anyone else want to run Sketch app on the new Google Pixelbook?, Oct 06, 2017

    Not really, but Sketch for iPad Pro? That would ace

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  • Posted to How the new iOS11 App Store affects us as an Apple-first indie dev team, Jun 09, 2017

    TLDR Hopeful, but without a better search algorithm and more help for indie devs, difficult to sustain a business making iOS only apps

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  • Posted to Data input is painful (Why we didn't use OCR), Oct 11, 2016

    An article we wrote on the limitations of OCR for extracting private data, and how it afforded us the opportunity to solve the problem inputting the data in a better way.

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  • Posted to Decider! An iMessage app post mortem (open source), in reply to Thomas Palumbo , Sep 30, 2016

    Thanks, Thomas! We plan to share much more of our learnings & open-sourcing our work

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  • Posted to Building inclusive (iOS) experiences, Sep 30, 2016

    Accessibility is so important, and so much can be done relatively easily for iOS, if you know how to utilise... but many apps don't bother. Here's a bunch of stuff we learnt making Money In and Money Out. A mixture of best practises, learnings and code snippets. Hope it's useful!

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  • Posted to Decider! An iMessage app post mortem (open source), Sep 30, 2016

    We made an iMessage app to understand the limitations of the framework. Instead of releasing it, we shared our findings and open-sourced the code on GitHub. Hope you find it useful!

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