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  • Posted to Thinking about teaching Designers how to Code their own Websites, Sep 22, 2017

    Sounds all good but I think you have to introduce the concept of ‘near enough’ rather than pixel perfect. The sole reason for this is responsiveness.

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  • Posted to personal touch in web design?, Sep 21, 2017

    Tone. You need to pitch it right, and it needs to be right for the demographic. Basically good copywriting.

    A good and equally bad example is MailChimp; good, because there’s personality, it’s happy and cheery and lighthearted. You create a template and feel rewarded for your hard work.

    Bad, because there’s personality and you want to get through mundane tasks and no amount of informal copy will distract you from the pain of HTML emails.

    A handwritten note can’t be programmatic; tread carefully as you may annoy more than you delight.

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Are you using these techniques to play with color in your websites and apps?, Sep 21, 2017

    Yay! Colours! This is low hanging fruit content. I expect more from you Adobe. Maybe save a terrible list based article to push your stock photos. By the way, your recent Typekit changes have truly shafted my work flow.

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  • Posted to What’s the major difference between working at an Agency and a Product-based Company?, Sep 21, 2017

    It depends on the individual and their role but for me, I like the work diversity of an agency. For purely visual work (UI, graphic design) you can hit a saturation point.

    Being at the start of developing a visual design language right through to delivery and handover is very exciting and something I love doing.

    Implementation and extension/iteration definitely less so.

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  • Posted to Using Keynote to mock up scroll-based animations, Sep 18, 2017

    Yes! Presentation win and handover win! Makes life so much easier and you don't have to learn AE or Framer (but cool if you do as both are awesome in their own right).

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  • Posted to Colors - A data-driven collection of beautiful color palettes, Sep 18, 2017

    Two greys and three shades of brown… maybe it's my eyes but I don't consider that a beautiful palette

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  • Posted to Designers, I want to create the '' for brands. ( ), Sep 18, 2017

    A set of logos, colours and fonts is anemic for any real in depth guidance, it's probably fine for pitch work but not much else.

    Extensive guidelines helps to protect not only a brands aesthetic and integrity but also core values of the product or company. This can not be done solely by a few design mechanisms.

    I may be wrong but your offering wouldn't cover tone of voice, how to set type (do you use title case or sentence case for headlines for example), lock-up and spacing of the main logotype / marque, illustration style, photographic style and content, treatment of images… I could go on, and I'm not being rude but I hope you see my point. Of course if your service would encompass these nuances do say.

    Your idea is interesting but I see it as asset delivery or aesthetic pointers rather than an extensive brand guide. Structured and pitched the right way, it would be useful but price point needs to compete with cloud storage and existing ways a brand is shared.

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  • Posted to Button Design Over the Years – The Dribbble Timeline, Sep 14, 2017

    Amazon dash; skeuomorphism gone mad!

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  • Posted to Don’t stare at your industry. Look in the opposite direction., Sep 10, 2017

    When you see posts asking why big bold fonts are currently "a thing" on DN, you really have to ask if people look outside of the sphere of digital.

    I can't judge on naivety but being being so blinkered and taking inspiration solely from the field you work in is, for me, upsetting. It shows a lack of imagination, creativity and having a small silo of inspiration and influence.

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