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  • Posted to Move Slowly and Fix Things, Nov 21, 2017

    Are you even a Designer at all? Or are you a glorified Huckster—a puffed-up propaganda artist with a fancy job title in an open-plan office?

    This is a bit of a heartless sentiment compared to the compassion for humanity expressed earlier in the post.

    Some designers work at companies (or even small startups) where they don't have the luxury of choosing everything they design. They are working to provide for people they love and to enjoy their lives and pursue their passions and stand up for the causes they feel strongly about. Suggesting that everyone else can do this as they do at Basecamp is kind of privileged.

    I like the general idea of convincing folks to work on something meaningful, but calling the designer out seems like barking up the wrong tree. Calling the people out who run the businesses, the venture that funds them and the LPs that fund them seems more aligned with the goal of change.

    The author might or might not know that's how the mass of the technology industry flows, but from someone who's built software for both "consumer" / everyday people and for venture firms - this is how a majority of the decisions get made. Wayyyy before design is involved and with more authority than the author suggests the designer has.

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  • Posted to How Much Does it Cost To Develop an App Like Airbnb? , Oct 31, 2017

    So if Airbnb could be developed for $18,000... why did they bother to raise over $3,000,000,000? Those idiots.

    If your sole engineer is making $25/hr ($50k year) to make the entirety of Airbnb's functionality in 4 months - get ready for a crashy, piece of shit app.

    This makes "MindInventory" look like they don't understand how this works.

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  • Posted to Good monitor for Design 2018, Oct 23, 2017

    I've been using the LG Ultrafine 5k since May and it has had zero issues. It is an excellent monitor with razor sharp quality and excellent colors.

    I was skeptical to ditch my 5k iMac and get the Ultrafine + MBP but I've had no regrets.

    I'm pretty sure that you cannot run a console on it though. That'd be awesome if you could.

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  • Posted to Baremetrics new site, Oct 22, 2017


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  • Posted to Introducing InVision Studio, Oct 18, 2017

    Hopefully the keyboard keys for this tool are relatively similar to Sketch.

    I know that's probably a bit trivial, but it was the hardest thing for me switching from Photoshop -> kept hitting the "V" / Select key from photoshop and started drawing vectors in Sketch. Took a few months to learn to stop it.

    Stephen, any ball-park on when early access is coming? Would love to beta and feedback if you're looking for it.

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  • Posted to Flawless App — tool to compare original designs with developer’s implementation, in reply to Art Vandelay , Oct 13, 2017
    1. This is for mobile application development, so the browser isn’t really applicable.

    2. Sketch is incompatible for designs? Unfortunately the entire design industry is using the tools you suggest aren’t for design.

    3. “Just because a button is 5px lower than what a Sketch outlines doesn’t mean its wrong” — in some cases it is. That developers take these decisions into their own hands is how a lot of designs get butchered up (hence this entire, useful product) If you have bad designers that’s one thing, but this sort of thinking/behavior erodes trust between design and development.

    This tool is great IMO. Most developers don’t (often) pay attention to these small details and just “eyeball” it, negating the detail work some designers put in.

    Lisa, I’ve shared it with a handful of developers. This is absolutely worth your effort. Will save hundreds of hours over the lifecycle of a product.

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  • Posted to New portfolio, redesigned for simplicity, Oct 11, 2017

    3 clicks to see any work - that was a tricky one for me.

    As Lee said, you've gotta "wow" or at least give me something on that first page.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is there an Unsplash for Music Beats?, Oct 09, 2017

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  • Posted to New Dropbox Brand, Oct 03, 2017

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, Oct 03, 2017

    Times I remembered Dropbox doing things to their brand (for the same reason):

    1. Today
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