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  • Posted to Airbnb Plus, Feb 23, 2018

    The ole' Reverse Uber. Started with X, now they're onto Black/Premium. Worked for Tesla too.

    Only a matter of time before food delivery (not the weird home dining thing they did in '14) is part of the process, then entertainment. Maybe they'll do airfare before this... guess we'll see.

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  • Posted to Examining Snapchat's new user-hostile UX practices, Feb 23, 2018

    "Power" users aren't feeling it lately either and it's costing them.

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  • Posted to A New Gmail (Concept), Feb 13, 2018

    Omission of labels was problematic/convenient.

    Typographic choices seemed centered on single glance wow-factor and not usable and efficient type sizing/fonts for the use case.

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  • Posted to Intercom, Feb 05, 2018

    Yeah all these visual changes are pretty lame, but what'd they do to the product messaging?

    It used to be very clear and succinct as to what it was and what it did. Now it's so overly-simplified that it's abstract. Your product is messages, inbox and articles... so its gmail blog? WTF

    This stuff isn't that hard. Why make it that way?

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  • Posted to - a venture capital retreat in the Italian Alps, Feb 01, 2018

    Wait. Is this for real?

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  • Posted to Font Awesome 5, Dec 08, 2017

    Purchased pro. Glad to support this awesome icon library

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  • Posted to Move Slowly and Fix Things, Nov 21, 2017

    Are you even a Designer at all? Or are you a glorified Huckster—a puffed-up propaganda artist with a fancy job title in an open-plan office?

    This is a bit of a heartless sentiment compared to the compassion for humanity expressed earlier in the post.

    Some designers work at companies (or even small startups) where they don't have the luxury of choosing everything they design. They are working to provide for people they love and to enjoy their lives and pursue their passions and stand up for the causes they feel strongly about. Suggesting that everyone else can do this as they do at Basecamp is kind of privileged.

    I like the general idea of convincing folks to work on something meaningful, but calling the designer out seems like barking up the wrong tree. Calling the people out who run the businesses, the venture that funds them and the LPs that fund them seems more aligned with the goal of change.

    The author might or might not know that's how the mass of the technology industry flows, but from someone who's built software for both "consumer" / everyday people and for venture firms - this is how a majority of the decisions get made. Wayyyy before design is involved and with more authority than the author suggests the designer has.

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  • Posted to How Much Does it Cost To Develop an App Like Airbnb? , Oct 31, 2017

    So if Airbnb could be developed for $18,000... why did they bother to raise over $3,000,000,000? Those idiots.

    If your sole engineer is making $25/hr ($50k year) to make the entirety of Airbnb's functionality in 4 months - get ready for a crashy, piece of shit app.

    This makes "MindInventory" look like they don't understand how this works.

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  • Posted to Good monitor for Design 2018, Oct 23, 2017

    I've been using the LG Ultrafine 5k since May and it has had zero issues. It is an excellent monitor with razor sharp quality and excellent colors.

    I was skeptical to ditch my 5k iMac and get the Ultrafine + MBP but I've had no regrets.

    I'm pretty sure that you cannot run a console on it though. That'd be awesome if you could.

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  • Posted to Baremetrics new site, Oct 22, 2017


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