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  • Posted to New Medium Logo! , in reply to CJ Cipriano , Aug 22, 2017

    I didn't get it either but a reverse search brought me to this article where they explain the reasoning behind their old logo.

    This is real.

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  • Posted to UX Annotations, Aug 15, 2017

    I've been using this Sketch plugin. It works quite well!

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  • Posted to The evolution of trust, Jul 31, 2017

    I love this! Very insightful and eye opening.

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  • Posted to Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff, Jul 25, 2017

    Figma is definitely entering the ring of strong contenders for design tools and collaboration. We're seeing a boom in these softwares lately and I can see them taking the lead if they keep the rythm and continue to release well done features like that.

    I mean... we're still waiting for complex animations in InVision, something they teased almost 2 years ago. At this pace, Figma will be lightyears ahead once InVision finally decide to release it, if they ever do.

    Although I was skeptical during the beta, Figma is pulling me closer with every release and I can safely see myself ditch Sketch/InVision/... in a couple months. Especially once they add plugins support.

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  • Posted to Adobe After Effects vs Adobe Edge Animate for animating illustrations?Question, Jul 25, 2017

    If you want to animate characters in AE, take a look a the RubberHose 2 plugin. I personally haven't tried it yet (still on my to-do list) but it seems to make the process of rigging and animating characters a lot easier and faster.

    If you want to export animations to HTML, the bodymovin plugin is great (and free). Here's an example they provide, looks pretty good!

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  • Posted to Send me problems, not wireframes, Jul 17, 2017

    I get exactly where you're coming from. Wireframes can be great if the client understands that the final product might/will be completely different. But unfortunately it doesn't always happen that way.

    My worst client experience happened a couple years ago and it was exactly this. Some guy wanted us to build an app replicating his incredibly broken wireframes. We spent hours trying to understand what each element was supposed to do.

    We decided to be pro-active and modified his wireframes and brought them into InVision to give him an interactive prototype. The meeting started so badly... the guy was acting like he was Zuckerberg giving us orders. Incredibly disrespectful and kept treating the PM that was with me (a woman) like she was worthless. Just a huge asshole. He wouldn't tell us anything about his business, literally nothing. We were just there to execute orders and make his broken wireframes reality.

    When I handed him the phone, oh my god... It's the only time a client cursed at me. He was so mad. It took me everything not to scream at him to get the fuck out. We ended the meeting shortly after and the week later I learned that our VP canceled the project. I was so happy.

    So yeah, end of the story. Wireframes provided by clients can sometimes be awesome at communicating problems and some possible ways to fix them. But there's always this one...

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  • Posted to What CMS for designer/front end developers?, in reply to Stef Kors , Jul 06, 2017

    I really enjoyed the courses Mijingo offers: Not sure how up to date they are now though.

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  • Posted to I don't know who to draft on Dribbble! Any suggestions?, Jun 22, 2017

    I'd love being drafted if you don't mind. I'm getting back into 3D and motion graphics and I'd love to share some stuff on top of my UX work :)

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  • Posted to How to use the new Framer Design, Jun 09, 2017

    Framer is just so powerful and it keeps getting better. Definitely my favorite interaction design tool.

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  • Posted to I'm selling my startup, in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Jun 03, 2017

    Seriously. Out of the 19 stories he posted, 13 were about his startup button. Nobody cares, just stop.

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