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  • Posted to Huge invites wave to Invision Studio, in reply to Tom Gantzer , Mar 23, 2018

    Same. I signed up back in October as well. Haven't heard a peep since!

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  • Posted to Is a MacBook Air i5 8GB enough for Sketch/Figma?, in reply to Elliott Regan , Nov 20, 2017

    That's the same machine I'm working on at home and I too am often surprised at how sluggish Adobe software is. Even the trash-can Mac Pro I work on at the office is molasses. I feel like it's more of an Adobe problem because my Macbook Pro works wonderfully with Sketch.

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  • Posted to New Design tool from Dropbox?, Oct 06, 2017

    I'm certainly interested to see what they are up to, but I wonder if it's just another case of Vaporware. I mean look at Skala from Bjango, it was promised and promised but never materialized, then Sketch arrived and everyone moved on.


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  • Posted to Apple Thunderbolt Display vs 4k/5k Displays, Apr 08, 2017

    I haven't yet upgraded to a Thunderbolt 3 capable machine (running a 2015 MBP right now) but I am using an Apple Thunderbolt Display and I'm very pleased with it. I fully understand it's not going to be the same experience as a 4K/5K monitor or let alone the 5K iMac but I'm not working on those machines personally.

    I'm plenty happy with the quality of the display as well as its color fidelity after calibration. It does just fine for me when working in Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator.

    I am very interested to see what Apple has in the pipeline (I had all but given up hope that they were going to still care about us Creative Professionals), but until that point I'm not at all unhappy with the performance of my 2015 Macbook Pro and Thunderbolt Display.

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  • Posted to Tabs in Sketch with macOS Sierra, in reply to austen m , Sep 21, 2016

    I too would like to know, I typically have been a day-one updater but it usually bites me. Been trying to hold off.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Thunderbolt Display worth it? Or are there better alternatives?, Jun 15, 2016

    I also have to throw in my hat for Dell monitors, they are honestly a bargain for the performance you're getting in return. Provided you get one that has the specs you're after, they are hard to beat. I've been checking them out on numerous occasions and would happily buy one.

    Presently I still have my old 2012 non-retina Macbook Pro (though it's as maxed out as it can possibly be so it's still fairly functional), and as I have the anti-glare display (RIP) I wanted a monitor that also was a matte finish when I bought this machine. I wound up getting the ASUS PA246Q because at the time it had the best color accuracy and it also has basically every possible connection. It's a 24" monitor though and I'm occasionally wishing I had a 27" as that's what I have grown accustomed to at work.

    The point is, though I agree whole-heartedly the Dell monitors are a great choice, keep an eye out for the ASUS Pro-Art monitors as there are some models that are actually quite good in both specs and performance.

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  • Posted to Sketch 3.7.0 is out!, Apr 13, 2016

    I agree that the symbol page is a little weird (until we all acclimate to it I guess) but when you're making a symbol there's a check box to prevent it from being moved to a separate page and it will be left in context.

    Just an FYI.

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  • Posted to UX Designer's Review of the iPad Pro, Feb 05, 2016

    I thought that was a great writeup on the iPad Pro and a genuine look into using it for legitimate design work. I have to admit that I'm still hesitant to get one as my existing iPad is great for media consumption and basic production / connection, but I will give it some more genuine consideration.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: which camera you own?, Dec 20, 2014

    My main two are a Leica M and a Mamiya 7 II for film.

    I have a few others as well and I use them regularly but those are my main two.

    I do make an effort to keep it simple when shooting so I'm not burdened with tons of choices and I just focus on the image.

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  • Posted to I collected a ton of webdesign/dev resources for beginners & veterans, Nov 30, 2014

    Super helpful collection! I'm going to share this with fellow students at my Design School.

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