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  • Posted to Ask DN : What are the core problems while working with Type for any project?, Jun 08, 2018
    1. Licensing for web - inconsistencies in how foundries present licensing options and some restrictions on use that make it difficult (e.g. a license that does not allow you to legally use the hosted font in a form field because it can be edited by site visitors is one of the really stupid limitations I've seen in some EULAs)
    2. Website performance. Fonts have to load pretty high in the waterfall and therefore always get flagged in performance audits. While I am grateful to be able to use web fonts at all, there's a lot that could be improved in the way we serve web fonts.
    3. Inconsistent baselines across fonts and browsers. Having to add css to visually fix vertical centering.
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  • Posted to For remote workers in agile teams: how do your team do retros?, Jan 29, 2018

    On teams with remote workers we switched from paper and pens to using for collaborative white boarding and all related retro activities. We also use it for feature planning, design working sessions, etc. Previously we were using but we switched to realtimeboard because the pricing and account structure worked better for our teams make up. We use zoom for our meetings, along with slack for discussion, team channels, discipline-based channels etc -- this works reliably to connect us.

    I'm not a remote worker but some of the people I manage are remote from my office. One thing I've noticed is that mixed (some remote/some in local office) teams tend to struggle more than all-local or all-remote teams.

    The remote workers on mixed teams need to work harder to be part of their team's lives and stay up to date on changes and adjustments. Remote workers also need to be comfortable with the fact that sometimes decisions happen in real time without them. It's the job of the team to communicate well with each other but in mixed groups I think there is an added burden of "not holding each other back" and "staying in sync" that isn't as much of an issue when a whole team is remote and working sessions, communication, ceremonies and socialization are all happening via internet connection.

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  • Posted to Clarity Conference 2016 videos (free), Nov 08, 2016

    This conference was the best!!

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  • Posted to Inside Hearst’s New Agile Design Process, Oct 29, 2015

    If anyone has questions or comments about our process, I'd be happy to discuss here!

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  • Posted to Pure Pixel Bimbos, no cheating required!, Oct 09, 2015

    FFS... Nice work making this a community friendly to women.

    Also, why is Terry Richardson credited but not Jean Paul Goude? For shame.

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  • Posted to How do you manage internal design requests?, May 20, 2015

    We also use a kanban board in Jira for small design requests (ones that don't require any other resources than a designer). Bigger projects are managed in a scrum team, also using Jira.

    We have a issue request page set up through our content management system so editors, etc can route their requests into the kanban board. However, they almost never use it and we generally have to manually convert email or verbal requests into kanban stories. I'm curious is anyone has found a good way to incentivize their teams to use an issue form (we made it pretty simple)

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  • Posted to #breakupwithie8, Mar 11, 2015

    IE8 accounts for 0.2% of my desktop users (less than 0.1% of all users, based on a network that serves almost a billion pvs/mo). My guess is the remainder is made up of public/corporate computers. Curious if anyone is still seeing significant IE8 (or 9 or 10 for that matter) use?

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  • Posted to Site design: OpenTable, Dec 23, 2014

    Major improvement.

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  • Posted to Typecast is now free!, in reply to Daniel Fosco , Dec 18, 2014

    I've used typecast mostly for type research and have found it very useful. It's much easier, faster, realistic and less risky than paying for and self-hosting when exploring type combinations (or using design software -- it never looks the same). You can access type from several major vendors as well as free google fonts.

    I appreciate the css toggle -- you can style directly in css and get a preview or use the gui to style text and then save the css, useful for both beginning and experienced designers. There is also a nice sharing feature and "styleguide" view. Using typecast (if you are interested in working with type from partner foundries) can be big time & money saver during the styling/planning portion of web design projects.

    I haven't used it for layouts, but they have been adding features that make it interesting as a design tool. It still needs a lot of work to be a professional tool for responsive design, and it suffers from the limitations of all web applications, but I think the concept is on the right track.

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  • Posted to Donger List, in reply to Catalin Cimpanu , Nov 09, 2014


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