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  • Posted to Jon Rundle - Product Designer, in reply to Jon Rundle , Apr 28, 2017

    I agree with you, Jon – my immediate assumption upon landing here is 1.) oh a personal site on DN, 2.) oh they're a product designer, therefore 3.) they want critique on it based on what product designer portfolios SHOULD be.

    Those were all presumptions on my part, for sure, and it looks like others have their own, too.

    I like your site! It represents exactly what you want in your own personal corner of the internet.

    So, based on what you've said it was, here's my thoughts:

    I love the microinteractions! The hand wave movement + the canadian flag are cool, and the hover states on the links are great. You clearly explain that they lead to Dribbble too.

    I like your color, type, and IA choices – it's very clear you're good at web design from such a simple site. It's very strong!

    But at this point, it does look like this site stands as simply a site to be posted on DN for show and tell, and nothing more... which is fine! But if you actually intend to show people outside of DN, I recommend at the very least including some contact information.

    Otherwise, cool!

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  • Posted to Trying to land my first design job. Please critique my portfolio., Apr 26, 2017

    Your site is better than most first timers'! Good work!

    I think you can summarize your designer's statement on your about page by a lot. Also, consider showing work history; if you don't have a work history, think about including something that would work well in it's place. Side projects? Freelance projects? Anything?

    Semplice rules!

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  • Posted to My Portfolio - Feedback appreciated , Apr 26, 2017

    the aesthetics are top notch, but your Where Next? case study is lacking a lot of pertinent information. UX is heavily saturated in the market, and your case study does not stand out.

    It opens with grammar errors: "In Shoreditch, London We found that were were over ..." then an unnecessary comma: "radius, with" There are other grammar errors throughout the study. I'd go over it with a fine tooth comb again.

    it's great that you 'kept the journey short,' but that doesn't tell me anything about the decisions you made to make that happen. How did you make users' journeys short?

    What did you find in your interviews? How did that lead to your design direction?

    Again, your visuals are top notch, but I'd consider beefing up your case study with more information.

    Super smooth as hell and gorgeous portfolio otherwise!

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  • Posted to Full Stack Designer, a real thing?, in reply to Patrick Sénécal , Apr 21, 2017

    This is a very common industry term.

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  • Posted to Which sketch plugins do you use currently?, in reply to Loi Hoang , Apr 21, 2017

    what does fluid do?

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  • Posted to Which sketch plugins do you use currently?, Apr 21, 2017

    Sketch Runner
    Sketch Guides
    Artboard Tricks
    Sketch Measure
    Cover Artboard
    User Flows

    And of course, Auto Layout :P

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  • Posted to What have been your frustrations with working on your team?, Apr 17, 2017

    Everyone has their own workflows, and deadlines prevents standardizing workflow. Things such as canvas headers, layer and symbol naming conventions, etc.

    Folks are too bogged down with work.

    I'd like some time built into our schedules to get everyone aligned, but that's a big ask for many reasons, the most frustrating reason being no one cares as much as I do to get everyone aligned.

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  • Posted to Prolific is hiring designers. I made a video about what we're looking for., in reply to Courtney ⭐️ , Apr 16, 2017

    I certainly will keep in touch!

    That's p rad re: CM stuff. I'd love to hear more about that. I'll shoot you a PM on twitter?

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  • Posted to Prolific is hiring designers. I made a video about what we're looking for., Apr 15, 2017

    Aw, I wish I was looking right now! This vid rules!

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  • Posted to Alex Bec, director of It's Nice That, interview , in reply to Joe C , Apr 13, 2017

    had the same impression.

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