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  • Posted to Help out a fellow Designer (me) with his bachelor by answering some questions on the topic of media manipulation please <3 , Apr 24, 2017

    AJ, would you mind posting the results of this survey when completed? I'm always interested in things like this.

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  • Posted to Do you have any specific workspace items that you love?, Apr 14, 2017

    Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard

    I've owned mine for about 5 years. Even in rooms with little-to-no light I've never had an issue powering the keyboard. I find it comfortable and attractive. Plus there are no wires! If you just bought a new Macbook Pro, it does require a USB port for the wireless receiver.

    Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

    While there are certainly fancier mice out there, this is a great one for the money. It goes for about $20. I've had mine for about 3 years and have never replaced the batteries.

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  • Posted to Website Cost, Apr 12, 2017

    This should not have a Site Design badge.

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  • Posted to Design Components/Symbols in Sketch: How are you managing global changes?, Apr 07, 2017

    At SalesLoft we've been experimenting with Craft Library. So far it seems like a good solution for very common components that have several nested symbols—buttons, form fields, icons and colors.

    I do find it a bit annoying having to manually import the pieces of that component I need. Invision peeps, if you're reading this, consider an option to auto-add all Craft Library items to the symbols page. Perhaps, this could just be a button?

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  • Posted to GT-Walsheim, in reply to paavo koya , Mar 30, 2017

    The price is not that uncommon. Many font families not on Typekit, Google Fonts or other hosted services are in the $500-$1000 range.

    Take everyone's favorite web font, Proxima Nova—purchasing a perpetual license costs $734.

    Who buys a perpetual license? Mostly business and agencies—for many $1,000 is a small expense. When I worked in advertising, the agency had tons of font licenses.

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  • Posted to The adJelly Size Guide 2.0, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Mar 30, 2017

    It's because they want you to upvote them on Product Hunt. Otherwise they would have just posted the website.

    Product Hunt is interesting to me. There are so many people blatantly gaming the system. It's one of the few newsboard-esque websites that doesn't frown upon it.

    Personally, I stopped visiting the site a while ago. Those with connections or best-gamed the system made it to the top, not the most interesting products.

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  • Posted to How search worked before Google, in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Mar 25, 2017

    I keep saying this, but we should go back to not allowing people to choose tags.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Patchwork Architecture , Mar 24, 2017

    Not my taste, but I can see what they are trying to do.

    I think the execution is pretty good here.

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  • Posted to Senior vs Mid-level UX Designer , Mar 24, 2017

    Not senior vs mid-level, but Helen Tran has an interesting opinion on senior vs junio designers:

    Over time, Designers accumulate a set of beliefs (like real life!) about why they’re doing certain things. This set of beliefs become their design philosophy and when you hire a Senior Designer, you’re hiring that set of beliefs.

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  • Posted to Medium membership, Mar 23, 2017

    Reading List, Exclusive Articles, Early Access to features? Those don't seem like features worth paying for. That sounds like more of a donation—what I would expect from a non-profit. Unfortunately, that isn't Medium.

    I think Ev has an incredible product mind, but I can't understand the astronomical amount of money raised. Their A round was $25M. I feel like they could have built a WordPress, Ghost competitor and charged writers and publishers for premium features—that could have had a great business.

    Unfortunately, when you raise $132M you have to become a billion-dollar company. I just don't see a path to that. I think we'll see an acquisition that gets investors some of their money back. Who knows what the purchaser will do.

    Also, it seems weird that this page has different styles from the rest of Medium. Maybe this is an early access preview?

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