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  • Posted to How search worked before Google, in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Mar 25, 2017

    I keep saying this, but we should go back to not allowing people to choose tags.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Patchwork Architecture , Mar 24, 2017

    Not my taste, but I can see what they are trying to do.

    I think the execution is pretty good here.

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  • Posted to Senior vs Mid-level UX Designer , Mar 24, 2017

    Not senior vs mid-level, but Helen Tran has an interesting opinion on senior vs junio designers:

    Over time, Designers accumulate a set of beliefs (like real life!) about why they’re doing certain things. This set of beliefs become their design philosophy and when you hire a Senior Designer, you’re hiring that set of beliefs.

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  • Posted to Medium membership, Mar 23, 2017

    Reading List, Exclusive Articles, Early Access to features? Those don't seem like features worth paying for. That sounds like more of a donation—what I would expect from a non-profit. Unfortunately, that isn't Medium.

    I think Ev has an incredible product mind, but I can't understand the astronomical amount of money raised. Their A round was $25M. I feel like they could have built a WordPress, Ghost competitor and charged writers and publishers for premium features—that could have had a great business.

    Unfortunately, when you raise $132M you have to become a billion-dollar company. I just don't see a path to that. I think we'll see an acquisition that gets investors some of their money back. Who knows what the purchaser will do.

    Also, it seems weird that this page has different styles from the rest of Medium. Maybe this is an early access preview?

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  • Posted to 8 tips for improving accessibility in web designs , Mar 23, 2017

    This should not be labeled as Site Design. There should be no label attached here.

    This is part of the reason, I suggested reverting to the old method of tagging posts.

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  • Posted to Are Grid Systems Relevant in Product Design?, in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Mar 17, 2017

    That's interesting. Usually if the URL has been posted it tells me how long ago it has been posted?

    Was that feature removed mods?

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  • Posted to Is it possible for a non-programmer to bootstrap a successful SaaS alone?, Mar 17, 2017

    I think it depends on audience and level of knowledge.


    The most important thing is audience. I'm defining this as the collective group of people interested in you and your ideas. Perhaps the audience comes from years of blogging, or writing a book—Nathan Barry did this before starting ConvertKit.

    Without an audience it is very difficult to get traction. Good marketing can add to an audience quickly, but there is no substitution for having an audience.

    Level of Development Knowledge

    When talking about programing, I'm assuming server-side programming that actually makes the application work. I think this becomes much more possible, if the non-programmer knows how to build the view layer. Most engineers I know are not interested in the view layer (With the exception of exploring React or Angular).

    Taking another step back—say you are a UI designer, but don't know HTML/CSS/JS. It will be much more difficult, because now you potentially have to find two people or one very expensive person to help build your application.

    If you're not a UI designer, then this is going to be much, much more difficult—but not impossible. You will need a large audience and have an acute sense of the audience's needs.

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  • Posted to Berkshire Hathaway Homepage, Mar 15, 2017

    Hey, it's responsive.

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  • Posted to The 6 design trends John Maeda predicted in his State of the Union, Mar 15, 2017

    The title irks me.

    • The State of the Union is given by the President of the United States to congress.

    • The Design in Tech Report is given by John Maeda to random people on the internet.

    These are not the same thing.

    With that said it's a good summary. Though, if you're in this industry, you really should spend 20 minutes and go through the whole report.

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  • Posted to AI and the future of design: What will the designer of 2025 look like?, Mar 14, 2017

    I used to think that creatives would be a ways away from having careers affected by AI—about a year ago I realized, there would be no stone unturned.

    I don't think designers will go away, but I do think there will be less and less of a need. Designers will iterate along side software to get desired results:

    • Designers will come up with parameters and software will come up with 1,000 different versions.
    • The designer will filter the versions that match their vision and add more strict parameters.
    • Repeat this process until there is a single result.

    Other than the process above, I'm not sure what this looks like or how this interface will work. I do think 2025 is a reasonable date to put on this happening—or beginning to happen.

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