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  • Posted to How Super Mario Run Onboards New Users, Jan 13, 2017

    Thanks for including a bit of Sarkeesian's tropes work in this! That was unexpected and awesome callout.

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  • Posted to How important are job titles to you?, Jan 10, 2017

    For me this is one of those "it doesn't matter, until it does" things.

    Personally, I don't really care what my title is as long as it gives some sort of indication of what I do every day. Right now my title is "Senior product designer" which is conceptually very different from say, an "Illustrator" or "Graphic designer". In the past I've had titles like "UX designer" and "Interaction designer" which are also pretty descriptive of the work I do. People I haven't worked with before can get a sense for where I am in our org and what I might know about, because of my title.

    Titles also come with things like salary ranges and portability. I want my title to match and keep up with the work I'm doing so I know I'm being properly compensated. And if it's time to find a new job it'll be easier to transfer to a similar position with a similar title.

    So to more directly answer your question: no, it's not prestigious, or a reward. It's more a reflection of your work and career.

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  • Posted to Show Me Your Business Card, Jan 09, 2017

    Haven't needed to use these in a long while, since I'm not currently freelancing, but I used to carry these:

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  • Posted to What sketchbook and pen do you use?, Nov 21, 2016

    I'm super in love with the Dotted Paper Gridbook (currently on my 3rd notebook!) and usually have a Pigma Micron 0.5 pen or a Poppin ballpoint on me.

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  • Posted to The Pussy Project, Nov 01, 2016

    The photographer, Helena Price, also published a Medium piece explaining where the name came from and what inspired her to tackle this project:

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your favorite notebook and why?, Apr 04, 2016

    Ever since I discovered the dotted paper gridbooks I don't really use anything else. The size is perfect, it can lay flat, and the paper is lovely.

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  • Posted to Trouble at the Koolaid Point, Oct 08, 2014

    I'm really glad that Kathy is doing what she can to feel safe and happy, but am sad to not have her voice around (again).

    Seems like a good time for us all to remember to support the other people fighting hard to make tech better for us! It only takes a second to report harassment that you see online. If you have more than a second Ashe Dryden recently covered how to help the targets of harassment... and she accepts donations to help cover her wonderful writing and work!

    Also the Ada Initiative is still (through today!) seeking donations to help support their work in building more diverse workplaces and conferences. I've personally been helped by their services; please donate if you can!

    There are so many other ways to help support people who are being targeted for their activism, so please do whatever feels right to you; but do something! Together we can help keep each other safe in our community <3

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  • Posted to Site Design: (The Rocketship Podcast), in reply to Beth Dean , Sep 30, 2014

    ME TOO. So glad I wasn't the only one. It was pretty overwhelming to me.

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  • Posted to Visual organization for teams?, Sep 29, 2014 is more about getting feedback on designs but I could see using it for other visual collaboration!

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  • Posted to Redesigned my Portfolio, any feedback?, Sep 17, 2014

    This looks great! I love the simplicity and clean lines. Also A+ on all the great content! I know it's tough to collect that much info about past projects, so high five.

    One suggestion: I didn't realize until very (very) far down your Work page that the "show me" buttons led to more details. I assumed it went out to the live project, I guess? A more descriptive call to action like "read more" or "case study" might be more effective.

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