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  • Posted to Can someone help me compare between Pinterest, Niice, Dropbox paper & Invision boards?, in reply to Matthew Caggiano , Nov 30, 2017

    I agree. I think it also depends on if there are other features you'd like to take advantage of. If you think you'll be doing prototypes, Invision is def the way to go. If you think you'd really like to have a place to share lots of large files, maybe dropbox is the right choice. If it's just mood boards you need, I've used this in the past, looks like you'd have to pay a little if you want collaboration tho —

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  • Posted to Tapwater - Home for your Projects, in reply to Jim Silverman , Nov 22, 2017

    I agree, that gif is killer

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  • Posted to Portfolio of Edwin de Jongh, in reply to Jesse C. , Nov 18, 2017

    I totally understand from a technical perspective, but I agree that it feels like a splash screen, which in the instance of a highly polished and modern site, doesn't really work. The difference between a click and a scroll could fix the feeling of it being a splash screen, just a thought...overall tho, totally stunning site + work!

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  • Posted to Alternatives to DN, Nov 16, 2017

    I use you can customize which websites it feeds you content from. Warning tho, it's a chrome extension and it can be v distracting.

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  • Posted to Must have iPhone apps for designers, Nov 06, 2017

    Monument Valley 1 and 2 are def a must have game for iPhone. I love Clear for making lists, all gesture based. Other than that it really just depends on what SM apps you like and any other productivity/utility apps you like. I personally love Simple banking, 1Password, Robinhood and Apollo, all wonderfully designed apps.

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  • Posted to Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up, in reply to Nic Trent , Nov 06, 2017

    The only comment worth making

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  • Posted to Dropbox Bizarre Empty State Illustration, in reply to Nic Trent , Oct 27, 2017

    Nice, impressive work.

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  • Posted to Looking for logo feedback, Oct 27, 2017

    Light comes from above and I think the logo really pops because of it. I'm not a huge fan of the type, it feels generic, safe and the color treatment to the text kinda ruins some of the nice lighting on the logo mark. Overall, nice work.

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  • Posted to Dropbox Bizarre Empty State Illustration, in reply to Brett Bergeron , Oct 27, 2017

    here's another one from what looks like the same illustrator. I think it's cute

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  • Posted to Good monitor for Design 2018, in reply to John P , Oct 23, 2017

    I'm very happy with my Dell P2715Q. Monitor stand doesn't go quite as high as I'd prefer, but that's pretty trivial.

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