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  • Posted to Freelancer News, Sep 12, 2021

    Hi DN,

    I just started this new community for my email list. The goal is to give freelancers a place to share interesting links, news, and what they're working on. Sorta like r/freelance without the ban-happy mods.

    Would be quite interested in hearing what DN would like to see from a community like this. Please share your thoughts. Cheers.


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  • Posted to How to Get Freelance Design Clients (Even During a Pandemic), Dec 21, 2020

    Keeping a productive mindset was the toughest thing to do this year. In this article I gave some tips for how to try and keep your mind in the right place when it come to approaching clients and even include a template in that regard. Let me know what you guys think.

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  • Posted to The Designer's Guide to Getting More Leads from Your LinkedIn Profile, Jul 18, 2020

    I took a look at some awesome designer profiles and wrote up some of the best tactics they used to create a profile that stands out. Thought I'd share!

    Includes examples from designers: Kurt Elster, Val Geisler, Benjamin Manley, Chris Do and a few more.

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  • Posted to Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer? (September 2019), in reply to James Young , Sep 13, 2019

    There's a mixture of exclusive jobs (we're running a remote job fair in the next couple weeks). We also spend a couple hours daily hand-screening jobs from every site so customers have everything in one place.

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  • Posted to I'm Dan Mall. Ask me anything!, in reply to Dan Mall , Sep 06, 2019

    Thanks for clarifying man, love your work

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  • Posted to I'm Dan Mall. Ask me anything!, in reply to Dan Mall , Sep 05, 2019

    Do you have to decide on one of those? What if you're doing it to stay indie, work on fulfilling work and make a great living? Is that too greedy?

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  • Posted to How to sell full branding projects instead of logos?, in reply to Mitch Malone , Dec 20, 2018

    Thank you that helps. What's the difference between a "brand package" problem and a "logo" problem in your experience?

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  • Posted to How to sell full branding projects instead of logos?, Dec 20, 2018

    what is the advice that you liked?

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  • Posted to A guide to RFPs I made for designers, Jun 01, 2018

    This is a guide I put together yesterday on how to win RFPs, featuring quotes from Mike Monteiro, Kurt Elster and more. RFPs aren't the sexiest, or most well understood way to get projects - but as Mike's quote indicates, knowing how to use them strategically is important... so I wanted to put something out there that could help. Feedback welcome!

    PS. The illustration used at the top of the guide's background is from

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where to buy illustrations for websites? , Jun 01, 2018

    A couple I've seen: - -

    There's good stuff on almost all the big stock photo/illustration websites the trick is finding it.

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