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  • Posted to Best interviewing experience?, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Feb 04, 2020

    It 100% shows a lack of respect of peoples time and it's extremely biased against people with families, people who teach, volunteer and illustrates general lack of understanding of a good work/life balance. I have a toddler and a disabled mother in law that we care for. I do not have free time after work...

    As for white boarding, step back for a second and critically look at what you learn from a 30 minute whiteboard session? What have your learned that you may not have from asking them really good questions about their portfolio?

    The problem isn't the interview process, the problem is people. Humans are bias and association machines. We can render a kinda sorta ok surface level judgement based on very limited information, but beyond that we become extremely inconsistent. More information often makes our decision making worse... I'd encourage you to read the latest Malcom Gladwell book talking to strangers.

    lastly a big part of UX is try and eliminate our extreme inability to make good personal decisions/judgements. You aggregate data, you look for patterns, more often than not ignore what people say and focus on what they do, and it's good practice that the person who actions on the research shouldn't be the one performing it...

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  • Posted to Best interviewing experience?, Feb 03, 2020

    the more experience I have doing interviews and interviewing others the more I'm convinced it's a process with extremely little merit. I can gain 95% of what I need to know in order to hire someone based on their portfolio and an hour in person design review where they present to me and some coworkers and we ask a lot of questions. Whiteboard challenges have limited use and often the challenge is either loaded in a way where the interviewers presuppose way too much domain knowledge or assume the the interviewee has some baseline context that they may or may not have. I was once asked to whiteboard a series of harry potter apps (I've never read the books or watched any of the movies, so that was great...). Take home challenges are ridiculous and no one should do them. It shows an extreme lack of respect for peoples personal time and the expectation that someone should only spend a couple hours on a project is absurd. I was given a take home project on a Friday for an interview on Monday morning once where I was supposed to design a new dashboard for their enterprise product. This is absurd on many levels, but most of all because a dashboard at it's heart a summary of the entire product, a hierarchy of needs to for every single thing your product does and in many ways functions as navigation. Sure let me spend 3 hours on that for you...

    I've seen people who've interviewed great end up being terrible employees and I've seen the opposite where I had low expectations and they crushed it. You can't know. So does their work seem intelligent? Do they seem sane and fairly socially adjusted? Yes? Ok, hire them.

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  • Posted to What are your favorite fonts right now?, in reply to Jared Krause , Dec 26, 2018

    I would politely disagree, I think Plex is unbelievably good and it's mixing of slab and sans makes it incredibly legible especially at small sizes on small screens and lends it a unique look. It's not the 300th tweak on Helvetica / DIN / Gotham / Roboto / San Francisco whatever new clone comes out this week because a large corporation doesn't want to pay license for the core font.

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  • Posted to Brand new Typeform, Feb 12, 2018

    Weird I guess I'm alone in really liking the new look. The hand drawn arc reminds me of doodles on a notepad which makes sense to me. The color palette is pleasing as well. Unlike dropbox, which is about file management, forms and questionnaires aren't just a sort of enterprise and orderly business. I've used typeform in the past just to get simple questions answered from friends for parties and other things. Forms can be fun. I also like their emphasis on people to. A form at the end of the day is one person asking other people about things.

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  • Posted to Bonsai – Style Guide by This Also, in reply to Joel Califa , Jan 24, 2018


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  • Posted to I Love Your Comment, in reply to Eli Schiff , Dec 05, 2017

    It accomplishes being funny. It's that thing humans do when they open their mouthes, squint a bit and make a repeated halting "ha" noise that causes them to struggle to breath a bit.

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  • Posted to When to Redesign Your Legacy System, Nov 14, 2017

    This should be down voted, it's a shill for them to collect your email in the form of mostly meaningless listicle. It's bullshit too because this would be a really interesting article if someone actually wrote it from the perspective of educating the community and providing case studies.

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  • Posted to How do you organize your folders and files for design projects?, Oct 19, 2017

    I used to be kind of OCD about file structure. Currently though I'm a 1 man team at a startup and I 'm not sharing files with anyone, so that's all gone out the window. I find files by using spotlight search and that's pretty much it.

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  • Posted to Will visual web development change the landscape of web design?, Oct 12, 2017

    Well they're definitely not getting rid of HTML/CSS unless they're completely reinventing the browser and how the entirety of the web works. So they're just obscuring the code behind a WYSIWYG system.

    There's a ridiculous number of ways you can accomplish any given layout in HTML/CSS and determining which is the optimal combination is extremely subjective and often relies heavily on the context of everything else on the page. There's no way to write an rules based application to cover all the insane permutations to output good code. Not only that CSS/HTML specs and best practices change often and drastically in very short timespans.

    We'll be able to do it with computer learning models eventually, but as far as i know there's no practical large dataset that you can train a model with.

    This dream of visually site/app building is getting closer but we're still a loooooong way off.

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  • Posted to A five minutes guide to better typography, Sep 29, 2017

    I mean this is all pretty basic for print / images. I was expecting web typography (since it was a website) and was completely disappointed to see that the examples were all images.

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