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  • Posted to Revamp of my personal site , in reply to James Young , Oct 11, 2018

    Could just make them srcset, jpg and lazyload...even for people who are not developers this sort of thing should be at least considered on a basic level.

    There is nothing basic about that approach to setting up images on the web. I have been designing and coding web pages since Netscape 0.9b and I need to reference my notes when using srcset. Frank Chimero wrote a great article about the problems with "modern" web design. You should read it.

    update: Here's another great article about the complexity of the web that not only references Frank's article, it quotes many other leading web industry veterans and their struggle keeping up with technology.

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  • Posted to Is it just me, or the dark theme on Mojave really sucks?, in reply to Tiago Franco , Oct 01, 2018

    I disagree. The change as I see it is more of a getting used to inverted colors on each and every app. There is NOTHING anyone could have done to prepare and massage the UI for that level of change. The biggest problem I run across is that tone of section dividers. The background changes but the color used to divide a sidebar or info column stayed the same gray as before and while it might have looked fine in the light mode, in dark mode it's too bright and sticks out like a sore thumb. It's still a mixed bag with some Apple apps and some third party apps doing this but I'm sure this will get smoothed out over time and app developers will learn to better prepare their code to work with a shifting UI instead of hardcoding every little thing (or they'll hard code it twice; one for light and one for dark).

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  • Posted to Stop Using Select Menus For Known User Input, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Sep 21, 2018
    • the list of options is not very small, you force the user to go from a "selecting / taping" action to a "keyboard input" action.

    Actually, they go to a tap/swipe/focus to ensure right location in menu/swipe some more/repeat/tap action.

    • the person is forced into your phrasing or understanding of concepts. If your label doesn't describe the invisible list of contents accurately and appropriately enough, your users might search for something that they can never find

    This is why the argument was made that this is to be used with known input selections (i.e. states/countries, car manufacturers, etc.). If there is a hint of the unknown to the user then don't use this select option, use a proper, prefilled dropdown.

    • the person might have troubles typing but might be fine just taping a few options selects input

    If the dropdown is that small, then yes, that would be a better option. I think the inference from this article was that the list was long but known (i.e. states/countries, car manufacturers, etc.) and typing the first two or three character would trim the menu options down to a handful that are easier to then tap.

    • types are treated differently by the OS. Whereas there is no native autocomplete that behaves consistently throughout OS' or that we as developers have enough control over.

    This is a developer/designer problem that needs to be sorted out earlier in the process. If they know the data will support an autocomplete method then they need to design/develop the solution with this in mind. Sure, it might make some choices harder or impossible but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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  • Posted to iPhone Xs Website, in reply to Ken Em , Sep 13, 2018

    How is this relevant to the site design? Stay on topic please and take the fanboy antics to reddit or wherever else it's far more appropriate.

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  • Posted to Apple Watch Series 4 revealed — massive display, dense watch face, more, in reply to John P , Aug 31, 2018

    Good argument. I especially love the data you use to back it up. Yeah, I can see how the watchOS UI and UX is a huge failure. Apple really needs to kill that division and move on. /sarcasm (in case it wasn't obvious)

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  • Posted to This is ‘iPhone XS’ — design, larger version, and gold colors confirmed, in reply to Steve Sunderland , Aug 31, 2018

    You mean the notch that literally no one give a shit about? That one? What is it with Designer News readers and beating horses to death and beyond?

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  • Posted to This is ‘iPhone XS’ — design, larger version, and gold colors confirmed, in reply to Ken Em , Aug 31, 2018

    People like you said the same thing about the iPhone 6S/7S, and 8S models. Guess what? You were wrong then and you are wrong now. Get over it, find another horse to beat to death.

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  • Posted to Apple Watch Series 4 revealed — massive display, dense watch face, more, in reply to John P , Aug 31, 2018

    Yes. let's ditch an interface that has been hugely successful and redefined the wearable fitness tracker market on the remakes of armchair product designers. The watch face is only ONE aspect of what this device does and a round screen is far less conducive to the other tasks watchOS is able to perform. I cringe every time I see an Android Wear screenshot with a text feed and only a fraction of the copy is readable at a glance because the round shape obscures it.

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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher Beta download, in reply to Some Designer , Aug 30, 2018

    It has a ways to go before it eats into InDesign. Sure, it will probably happen given Adobe's indifference to InDesign lately, but this beta has a ways to go before it can replace InDesign for production work.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD August 2018 Update, in reply to Brian Hinton , Aug 23, 2018

    You aren't forced to upgrade just because you have a subscription. The Creative Cloud app notifies you when updates are available but doesn't push them on you.

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