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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher is coming out soon; Has anyone used it/have opinions?, in reply to Tristam Goch , Jun 05, 2019

    Some of this could due to unfamiliarity to Publisher but if it's not intuitive, to begin with, that's a knock against it in my opinion. I liked the direction table styling was headed but tables, in general, were not well implemented. One feature I use in InDesign ALL THE TIME is spanning tables across multiple frames. I've had documents where a single table takes up 5 or 6 pages. In InDesign, the table head repeats when it breaks across the page and the content continues to flow. Publisher appears to require a table on each page which means when you need to make updates you will need to move a lot of copy around as the table rebreaks.

    InDesign allows you to mix multiple page sizes n a single document. This is handy if you want to layout something a gatefold or barrel fold brochure where successive pages are trimmed ~.125" smaller as the page folds in. This lets you set columns and margins consistently across all master pages easily. I didn't see a way to do this in Publisher.

    Binding along the top edge was a nice feature that I'd like to see officially supported in InDesign. I've been able to hack a solution together but PDFs don't export the file properly.

    Paragraph styles were a mess in Publisher. I loathe Word and implementing paragraph styles, in the same way, was a huge mistake. InDesign has limitations and I've developed methods to work around only allowing a single character style applied a text at a time but I'll take their approach any day. I realize you can create custom styles but let me start with a clean slate and decide how I want to structure and name thngs.

    A lot of other issues really stemmed from nearly two decades of experience with InDesign and all the other Adobe Creative Suite apps. There's a lot of muscle memory with keyboard shortcuts, app preferences, and general workflow that just made working in Publisher a chore. I don't love InDesign like I once did but I didn't see anything in Publisher that would make me want to ditch the Creative Suite.

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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher is coming out soon; Has anyone used it/have opinions?, Jun 04, 2019

    I found it to be a mixed bag. There were things I definitely liked and things I despised. Too many of the latter and not enough of the former to make me want to switch.

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  • Posted to AMA: The team behind Adobe's design system, Spectrum, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , May 31, 2019

    I really do hope they come back and answer your question. I've always wondered why Adobe never started developing a common codebase for their developers to handle common functionality across apps.

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  • Posted to Typography Terms Cheat Sheet, May 28, 2019

    I can't believe they recommended adding a line break (br tag) into text...on the web...that reflows...based on factors sometimes outside the control of the web developer/designer. Especially since there is a widows and orhpans CSS property that fixes the problem.

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  • Posted to Why We're Craft CMS Developers, in reply to Matt Ellis , May 01, 2019

    Ryan and I went to the same college (MTSU), same major (recording industry production and technology) back in '95-'96ish (briefly roommates). I learned a lot from his Pragmatic Programmer videos on Expression Engine and the newer stuff on I haven't had a chance to look at the videos yet but they look very similar to his stuff.

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  • Posted to Why We're Craft CMS Developers, Apr 26, 2019

    I love CraftCMS (my current site is on it) but some of the backend changes in 3 have left me a little lost. I'm a designer first, developer second and all my work to date has been myself wearing all the hats so I haven't had the real need to dive into git, .env, composer, etc. I figured out most of this (still not sure how to effectively implement git as a silo designer/developer into my workflow) but the .env files confound me and sadly there is little to no beginner info or tutorials on the web to get up to speed. I also with Craft had a built-in mechanism for transferring database changes from environment to environment.

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  • Posted to UI vs UX finally explained!, in reply to Mark Vog , Apr 26, 2019

    It was from xkcd, thus a joke. Laugh a little, your life will improve immeasurably.

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  • Posted to Online creative portfolio designed in Google Sheets, Apr 17, 2019

    It seems like Google Slides would have been a better solution. The clickable nature of the cell grids made this a very distracting experience overall and hiding the different projects in worksheets means you will lose people who aren't familiar with spreadsheets.

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  • Posted to Designers who are 40 plus, how are you..., Apr 11, 2019

    I'm definitely at this stage in my career and as adrift as I'm guessing many people are. I've been a designer and developer my entire career and worked in mostly small agencies that don't have much beyond a senior level designer or developer. I've been looking for a senior designer position at a larger agency or in-house corporate design team where advancement beyond that position is possible. I think my years of experience has hindered me somewhat because I spent my career designing and not leading teams; too much for a senior design role, no experience for an art director role.

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  • Posted to Amazon's App Pattern That Take Advantage of Unused Real Estate, Apr 01, 2019

    Amazon is only a good use case for a design that separates users from their money in any way possible. Their iOS app is a horrible UI/UX mess and there are numerous inconsistencies between the phone and tablet. This is yet another in a long line of don't when it comes to UI/UX.

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