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  • Posted to I deleted my entire frontend and rebuilt it using neumorphic styles, Feb 18, 2020

    Looks very softimage like.

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  • Posted to Play: The new tool for creating better mobile apps, in reply to Marc Edwards , Feb 03, 2020

    Not to mention that this app seems to ignore other devices derived from iOS (tvOS, iPadOS). It's bad enough that these two devices are already ignored more than they should, this would make it more prevalent.

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  • Posted to HTML5 generation gives eulogy to Flash, Jan 17, 2020

    Say what you want about the security issues with Flash, there are still no applications that are as comprehensive at creating compelling content that Flash was capable of creating. HTML5 is too disjointed and it would be nice to see more collaboration to make it simpler to not only create compelling content like Flash could but make it easier to test for responsive design and fallback cases. Adobe Edge Animate was headed in the right direction but they killed it to keep the Flash application alive, albeit rebranded as Adobe Animate.

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  • Posted to Font licensing is ill, please help heal it, in reply to Andrew Lilja , Jan 16, 2020

    I think I'm onto something here. This will be big in 2020, mark my words.

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  • Posted to Let’s (not) laugh at them, Jan 16, 2020

    I really wish I could upvote this more.

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  • Posted to Font licensing is ill, please help heal it, Jan 13, 2020

    The biggest problem I see with this article is that it makes one too many assumptions about why fonts are licensed the way they are for the web. Perhaps, and I'm just spit-balling here because this is how investigative journalists do things, someone should interview a font company or two and find out the "why" BEFORE developing the "how" for a fix.

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  • Posted to When to decide your design career is over?, in reply to Samantha S , Jan 06, 2020

    "Ageism is rampant in everywhere and blows". There, fixed that for you. As to how to fix it, I have no idea.

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  • Posted to When to decide your design career is over?, Jan 03, 2020

    I'm in the middle of a similar situation. I have 20 years of experience as a designer and developer but I'm finding it difficult to get a job as a senior designer somewhere I can advance to an art director/creative director role eventually. I wouldn't say my career is over but I want to move on from the day to day designing and become more of a mentor and idea person, leave the details to the younger designers. I've spent the past year submitting resumes to a variety of design firms and corporate design teams with only a handful of interviews and a couple of close opportunities that slipped through my grasp. I'm on the verge of working with a recruiter which is something I might suggest you do as well. The design industry is very diverse and a good recruiter can help you find the type of job you want, not just another job in the design industry.

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  • Posted to What's the best external monitor for MacBook Pro?, Dec 04, 2019

    I have an Ultrawide and it's amazing. I wish it were retina but I'll take it anyway because I can have far more open at once. If I'm coding a website I can have my code editor and browser open side by side with plenty of room in each app. If I'm laying out a print document in InDesign, I can have most documents I work on open at 100& with three columns of palettes on the right so I'm not constantly opening and collapsing them. After Effects and Premiere Pro timelines go on for miles with the Ultrawide monitors and there's plenty of room for opening footage bins you need for the project without sacrificing too much timeline in Premiere Pro. Having not used a retina monitor, I can't say how much of a difference the Ultrawide is compared to the 4K or 4K monitor screen real estate.

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  • Posted to Apple introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Nov 14, 2019

    I maxed all the hardware and only came to $6100. Granted, that's still pricy but it's one hell of a portable workstation.

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