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  • Posted to Don’t get clever with login forms, in reply to Bart Claeys , Feb 15, 2019

    I would add "don't make your section headers appear visually smaller than your body copy". The font Brad's using for the section headers, while technically 3pts larger tab the body copy, appears visually smaller because it's condensed and he's using all lowercase. Make that font like 28 or 30pt and adjust font weight if necessary. Also, use sentence or title case here.

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  • Posted to Tiny Trend: Mouse Interactions, Feb 13, 2019

    That Virtual Self page reminded me of the glory days of Flash sites. Disable javascript or CSS and the site fails to display anything meaningful.

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  • Posted to Dashes vs. underscore in URLs, in reply to Peter Antonius , Feb 12, 2019

    I've seen that argument, and while I agree it's true, you can adjust underlines with CSS and links can be "hidden": behind human readable text anyway. I really do get the argument but it's easily skirted and is an edge case or minor problem at best.

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  • Posted to Captain Marvel's website is a technological wonder, in reply to Andrew Ciobanasiu , Feb 11, 2019

    You just need to watch some of the trailers. It's all covered in them.

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  • Posted to Expensify's 5M$ Superbowl Ad Teardown, in reply to Louis-Xavier Lavallee , Feb 08, 2019

    Yes, however you used a pointing finger which looks and acts a lot like the arrows you're trying to get users to interact with. I spent a few seconds trying to click the hand before I realized that there were arrows at the bottom of the page. Perhaps this finger needs to actually point to the arrows themselves?

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  • Posted to Bookmark this in case you’ll ever date a designer or a developer. Thank me later., Jan 28, 2019

    What the ever loving f*** is up with this site stuffing your browser history with every word you scroll past? Holy cow is that the most annoying thing ever. And here I thought people not opening new tabs to external links was the worst thing ever.

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  • Posted to The all-new Kirby 3.0, in reply to Florian Karsten , Jan 25, 2019

    One of the biggest reasons is the field sets Statamic comes with. A lot of CMSs underestimate the power and flexibility of letting developers tailor the content model each site uses. Statamic follows in the footsteps of Expression Engine and Craft CMS in this regard and in my opinion, this is a huge advantage.

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  • Posted to I was inspired by "10 year challenge" and researched how popular iOS apps have changed. What do you think?, in reply to Eric Blattberg , Jan 25, 2019

    App functionality has increased a lot over the years as well. Even things like PC Calc aren't as simple as their 2008 counterparts.

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  • Posted to The all-new Kirby 3.0, in reply to Jonathan Simcoe , Jan 23, 2019

    A lot to these reasons also apply to another excellent flat file CMS, Statamic. I'd argue that of the two, Statamic is better.

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  • Posted to Charlie Gray, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Jan 09, 2019

    I'm going to agree with you here and add that the UI actually sticks out far too much to let the photos do the talking. It's far too brutalist to of a UI to recede to the background. Great UX concept, poor execution with UI.

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