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Christopher Davis

Generally, just curious. Designer, like everyone else. Joined over 9 years ago via an invitation from Meng T. Christopher has invited Todd Balsley

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  • Posted to Semplice logo redesign, Aug 04, 2018

    The dope logo doper. 'nuff said.

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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, Apr 05, 2018

    Seeing as though I still can't figure out how to use it, no. Also, I can hardly see any of the icons because the contrast and font sizes are so small, so it takes like three times as long to do anything that I could do in Flinto or Framer.

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  • Posted to Helen Tran — Product Designer, Nov 14, 2017

    This site rules. More power to Helen for carving out a unique home for herself online. She's done amazing things with the Shopify team, and I can't wait to see what comes from her next initiatives.

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  • Posted to Sketch finally has colour management, Nov 01, 2017

    Also...SYMBOL SCALING! Finally.

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  • Posted to InVision Design System Manager + Joins InVision, in reply to Stephen Olmstead , Oct 25, 2017

    Ya'll are crushing it.

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  • Posted to Introducing Framer Export, in reply to Koen Bok , Oct 19, 2017

    @koen, have you ever considered writing an article about your process for quickly building and shipping such well thought-through work? It's amazing how quickly your team can launch enhancements.

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  • Posted to New Design tool from Dropbox?, Oct 07, 2017

    I immediately wondered if they're considering acquiring a larger design tool and integrating it into their product offering. With their latest rebrand, a design tool would fit their "help people share creative ideas" narrative. Plus, it sounds like they were describing any of the tools that currently exist on the market (Marvel, Framer, Figma, etc...). They have an illustration for a timeline-based animation UI on the lander, which leads me to believe that Framer would be out of the question.

    Just a thought. If Dropbox acquired an existing design tool, I'd be interested.

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  • Posted to Real apps with ARKit? , in reply to Oskar Levinson , Sep 22, 2017

    +1! I played this game for over an hour.

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  • Posted to So such design. Many advice. Wow., Jul 07, 2017

    How many people in this thread are building a product that is heavily relied upon by many talented creators within the digital world and are quickly iterating on it in an agile fashion? It would be interesting to hear those people's opinion's too.

    I'd wager that much of the criticism here is from people who do not or have not found themselves in that situation.

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  • Posted to Halide — A Premium Camera For iPhone, May 31, 2017

    The onboarding in this app is gorgeous.

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