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  • Posted to UX Designers Help Me Out, in reply to Gilbert Bagaoisan , Sep 21, 2016

    Aha Thank You!

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  • Posted to Confusion with grids, in reply to Nathan Huening , Aug 16, 2016

    THANKS! Aha its great hearing everyones input, and thanks for the mirror I will definitely look into it, I was really wondering about standards and if i did build it around it wouldn't designs look the same. thanks for clarifying that with me i'll be sure to practice a bit more and you are right xD they definitely seem simple but it does take some time to understand them good thing I'm not alone. I appreciate it thank you !

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  • Posted to Confusion with grids, in reply to Nitin Garg , Aug 14, 2016

    Honestly wow that is a lot, I want to say thank you for providing me and taking the time off your day to comment to me with all this information I think that has really given me much more of a grasp than I have tried to figure grids out on my own. I really was questioning whether I should post my question on this website and you know what I am really glad that I did. Thank you so much you've really helped me out a lot I appreciate it! Honestly I wish there was so much more of a way to express my gratitude hahaha.

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  • Posted to Confusion with grids, in reply to Dav ▩ , Aug 14, 2016

    Aha when college starts soon ill be sure to check around the library to see if they have that book fingers crossed thank you for your reply and I really appreciate it. Ill be sure to check out that website as well.

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