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  • Posted to Show DN: Ghost Screen for Figma, in reply to Tyson Kingsbury , Jun 11, 2019

    Thanks a lot! Really glad to hear it (:

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  • Posted to Show DN: Ghost Screen for Figma, Jun 11, 2019


    Short backstory: I switched from Sketch+Zeplin workflow to Figma-only half a year ago and the only thing I miss is Zeplin’s "Pop Screen Out" feature (separate semi-transparent window you can use to compare design and implementation).

    Me and developers in my team loved it. It really helped in making this last step to perfection. So instead of constantly pushing screens from Figma to Zeplin I decided to build an app to do just that. Thanks to Figma API it’s quite possible. I called it Ghost Screen for Figma.

    Please check out the site and, if you think it’s going to be useful in your day to day work, leave your email to be notified about Ghost Screen release. Also it will really help me scrap enough motivation to finish this side project (:

    Have a great day!

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  • Posted to Collection of tools for web designers that you've probably missed during November, in reply to Alex Marin , Dec 12, 2018

    There're some icons and fonts at the bottom of the article. The page's title says "web developers", though... So many questions (:

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  • Posted to iOS app designers using figma, how? (vector asset question), Nov 12, 2018

    Have you tried to import your design from Figma to Zeplin and get PDFs from there?

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  • Posted to Closing the gap between visiting Keen's studio and visiting their website, Apr 06, 2018

    This is just the best xD

    Chat Screenshot

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  • Posted to How to Send Emails That Your Subscribers Will Love, Mar 08, 2018

    Oh my... Gotta convert.

    Is there even text somewhere here?

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  • Posted to Updated List of Black Friday Deals for Designers, in reply to Chris Slowik , Nov 26, 2017

    After entering the promo code, the button still says "Subscribe for $149" and "We'll charge your card immediately for $149" below it... Kinda scary to press, to be honest.

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  • Posted to Milanote—the notes app for creative work (v1.0), Feb 07, 2017

    Finally someone have made a product to collect thoughts, references and inspiration, build mind maps and storyboard where you can place pieces however you like. As a designer, I think with pictures. And those picture are arranged in the space depending on their relationships. Not just in one column, as every single note-taking and reference collecting app does! You have the freedom and tools to fill you canvas however you like. Add easy and well designed collaboration and you'll get Milanote — best notes app for creatives.

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  • Posted to Best Dark Themed Websites, Jan 17, 2017

    I made a site for my podcast in dark pallet. Boy I love dark pallets (((:

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