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  • Posted to Sketch 52 released, in reply to Noah H , Oct 02, 2018

    Yep! Another design I work with is having the same issue - we went have to Sketch 51

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  • Posted to My new portfolio is a single page, a single case study., Sep 23, 2018

    Site looks good, really liked reading about that design - I remember it well :)

    Couple thoughts from the hiring angle:

    1. I don't know your name (it's not in the content, header, URL, about me etc.) I'd add that in somewhere on this page. Maybe in the CTA? I know it's a sub-page but, if I'm interested or someone shoots me this link I don't want to dig around to make sure I get your name right in an email intro.

    2. If this is your favorite project and your first, it's odd that you've been in practice for 8 years and this site launched in 2015? It's 2018 now... What did you do before the site launched? (2010-2015) What have you been doing since? (roughly 3 years) Honestly, none of this matters but, the setup of the paragraph made me think about it more than I should have. I don't think it's a bad angle to showcase your favorite project to date or even that it was your first project but, the math confuses me. Maybe soften the "in 8years of practice this is my favorite thing" line? Potential employers like to look for gaps in work or employment, it's like a litmus test on reliability.

    3. I get urgency but, this sounds a little desperate: "would love to be booked BEFORE September ends". Urgency is a more well founded emotion, desperation often leads people down bad paths. I don't want to be scared of hiring you :)

    4. Results - do you have any results from the site? Word of mouth, did it go viral, it sold out in an hour, etc.

    These are minor however, these little things made me think too much if I'm trying to hire you.

    Love the case-study and design, keep up the epic work!

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  • Posted to My girlfriend wants to work at Slack. Here's her application., in reply to Chris Coleman , May 06, 2015

    I'd hire her if she sent that to me... In my experience with hiring & interviewing, you never really know how much scrappiness / perseverance someone will bring into your company. Sure, their skills check out but, will they push through when they get stuck and there's a deadline looming or will they find an answer because they're scrappy and innately want to work for your company?

    A lot of applicants do the bare minimum to get by(meaning they only do what is asked, which is normal) but, the ones who actually show you how much they want to be in your org and how much value you they'll bring (especially when it's unsolicited) makes it that much easier to see they're a no-brainer hire. Imagine if a designer applied and said "I ran through your product and your on-boarding is horrible, so I re-did it and here's my reasoning why" along with their application. (yes, they might not know the business cases but, that's not the point).

    P.S. I don't live in San Fran, nor do I drink the kool-aid, commenting on why I think her creating that is a hell of a way to get hired.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who's hiring?, Nov 20, 2014

    We're hiring - and hiring a lot for that matter.

    About our Product / Service

    I think you get the idea... See all jobs If you have any questions, hit me up on twitter @chadengle

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  • Posted to Ken Block Returns - Hoonigan / Gykmhana 7, Nov 17, 2014

    Interesting how GoPro has now gotten involved with these. Makes complete sense that they would however... The amount of camera work in this is insane.

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  • Posted to Site Design: RandCo, Sep 08, 2014

    The menu feels a little like a let down but, everything else is very amazing. (I only say that because they've pushed so hard to be like everyone else on every other facet of the site, the menu does work well however)

    Love all the touches through the pages and how things load and work. Very nice execution and art direction!

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  • Posted to Craft banking, Sep 02, 2014

    I'm lost on the homepage... There's beautiful videos under the videos tab that tells me what this "bank" actually is. However, I land on an empty homepage that has 0 for me except a pretty photo.

    "As it becomes more difficult to tell one bank from another, there is a renewed respect for craft."

    So, how do I know what bank you are when the homepage tells me nothing about your brand or what I should be doing?

    • Is the goal for me to sign up?
    • Is the goal for me to learn more?
    • Is the goal for me to understand the Field & Main brand?
    • Is the goal general awareness?
    • Two of the links on the homepage (that are the most noticeable) lead off the site entirely (bottom right)
    • Why does the nav structure change on internal pages? (no longer top aligned)

    I love the fact that a bank is trying to be personal and taking a painstaking amount of time to do it through the brand and through some greatly produced videos but, it's still a raw concept...

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  • Posted to AskDN: If you work for an agency how do you include projects you've worked on in your portfolio/resume?, Aug 14, 2014

    Definitely agree with everything Benjamin says!

    It's also ok to show projects that you worked on but, didnt see the light of day. There's still value in your creative process and a ton of learning lessons from those that others can gain knowledge from on how you design & think. Just make a note on why it wasn't used and even with you don't agree with the decision, try to find the business case on why it ultimately wasn't used...

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  • Posted to Apple's job creation in Europe, in reply to Ivan Bozic , Aug 11, 2014

    Thought the same thing... "beautiful page, scrolling and oh my..." way to end it with some fuzziness :D

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  • Posted to My online CV, Aug 09, 2014

    Checked it out on mobile and all I get is a frowny face w/ some arrows... That's a major letdown...

    Seems it's phenomenal on desktop but, I'm not even sure what's going on for mobile. Should definitely give that some thought if that's somewhere you're actively driving traffic. Could just be simplified contact info + "better viewed on a large, shiny monitor"

    Edit: (the page is still behind the color div so I can still scroll the page on mobile, über tease!)

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