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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to Some Designer , May 31, 2016

    Hmm. Maybe. But I would argue giving bigots a safe haven where they do not have to hear dissenting view points, nor defend their own factually, is a bit like seeing a fire in the back room, closing the door, and pretending everything will be okay. They now have a legitimized safe harbor and just as surely as belief informs behavior, it will spawn real world consequences if left to fester long enough.

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to David Steelcart , May 31, 2016

    Neither killed the other, but their existence further legitimized the hateful, iconoclastic culture that was being phased out for their vitriolic behavior as some kind of viable alternative. This has had a devastating effect on the quality of discourse in both venues because now if you hear something you don't like you can simply move to the site that most closely matches your biases and pretend that not hearing dissenting view points means you're right.

    People who believe they are entitled to their own facts are damned dangerous.

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to Daniel Fosco , May 31, 2016

    It's every bit as rotten as you imagine. An unusually high amount of vitriolic people end up there as their last resort once their hate-communities are closed on other social media platform. Once there, they cry and meow about "free speech" even while censoring people who disagree with them by gaming Voat's terminally broken rule system through brigading.

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, May 31, 2016

    Voat is no Reddit killer. It's far better described as a collection of Reddit's most vitriolic subs that they wisely cast off for being both entirely too extremist and potentially legally hazardous to the site.

    A lot can be said about Reddit's increasingly draconian censorship and the cavalier way its leadership ignores users' needs for some basic privacy. But if Reddit is the tyranny of the crown, Voat is the tyranny of the majority. To explain, you need to understand some things about how Voat currently works.

    1. New users are subject to post throttling that scales with a karma-like "currency" called ccp. You get to make something like 10 posts a day, which goes up to 5 posts an hour etc etc based on how much ccp you get.

    2. CCP can go up or it can go down. Downvoting on Voat doesn't just bury your post, it prevents you from making them,.

    3. You cannot upvoat unless you have a certain amount of ccp.

    4. You cannot downvote for any reason unless you have even more ccp.

    The system appears at first glance setup to defend the site from spamming and alternate accounts, which it certainly does. But along with the afore mentioned extremist demographic who tends to find themselves on Voat with a much higher frequency than other social media platforms, the system punishes new users! If you show up on Voat and don't agree with the hive mind, you literally cannot participate. You will be downvoted into censorship. Far worse is the unreal level of brigading that goes on. For those not in the know, this is where orchestrated efforts are made to single out someone and downvote them. The system has dug a pit for new users who run afoul of any one of a number of highly partisan, vitriolic extremists that they literally cannot get out of. They are not given enough posts to address the dozens of insultingly spammy accusations of being a "schill" and each downvote that comes with that spam further decreases the victim's ability to have access to the free speech everyone on Voat is so mouthy about.

    On Voat "freespeech", an idea which was put in place to defend UNPOPULAR SPEECH, doesn't matter unless you agree with the hive. And with utterly 0 hyperbole I can tell you the hivemind on Voat easily puts 4chan to shame. Reddit may be an increasingly distasteful platform, but Voat is far FAR worse.

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