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  • Posted to CSS Grid Layout vs CSS Frameworks: When To Use What?, Nov 21, 2019

    CSS grid is a layout tool... CSS frameworks contain layout rules, but also contain WAYYYY more:

    • guidelines and usage rules
    • base design tokens (variables etc)
    • built components using said tokens
    • common design patterns for the system etc

    Comparing and conflating these two concepts is extremely odd, considering a 'CSS Framework' could very well utilize a css grid layout implementation. CSS grid is not a framework, its a layout tool. A piece to the larger puzzle. Frameworks combine a bunch of puzzle pieces and form a larger, more cohesive system.

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  • Posted to How are people Handing over Sketch Designs to Developers?, Sep 19, 2019

    me and my team have been using Abstract for over a year now, and haven't looked back :)

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  • Posted to I did the illustration for this guide, how to start a nonprofit, any feedbacks are more than welcome, Sep 18, 2019

    just more of the same ubiquitous illustration style that can be found on 100s of sites

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  • Posted to PHP Development Company Toronto, Jul 27, 2019

    anyone else find it odd that a company from Toronto, Canada uses a picture of the golden gate bridge as the background for their company website?

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  • Posted to Dribble feed, blocked, Jul 19, 2019

    I use the chrome browser extension for panda to browser new design material every morning... the dribbble feed seems to still be working for me.

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  • Posted to Abstract changelogs leave a lot to be desired, Apr 16, 2019

    for me and my team, we're not really worried or focused on the Non-visual changes, as these are just mainly metadata changes to the artboards and/or files, and have little to no correlation to the work up for review [collections] or the Handoff phases.

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  • Posted to inVision has a branding issue., Apr 03, 2019

    add another to the list... the logo on their main site reads


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  • Posted to Abstract raises $30M, in reply to David Thorn , Mar 22, 2019

    it's interesting that you say 'absolutely'... I used it for about a year as a solo designer, and not once felt it was overkill. I Absolutely love what it did to my workflow, and have since then added my entire product team on to abstract.

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