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  • Posted to Sketch Buttons as Symbols wo Plugin, Mar 09, 2019

    ive tried what felt like 100s variations myself... scourged the internet for articles and tuts... only to find that using a plugin is currently still the best (only feasible?) way of doing this. I used paddy for the longest time, and loved every second of it. When it was discontinued, my team and I were left scrambling trying to figure out what to do with all our button symbols. Once Anima added their padding feature, I decided to go that route. It's not perfect, and is still just a shadow of what Paddy used to be in terms of functionality, but makes for very simple and easy button symbols that are responsive. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but throughout all the time i've personally invested in attempting to solve this same problem I'd still say using a plugin is the way to go for this.

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  • Posted to MAPPLIC : Custom Interactive Maps. Does anyone ever used this system?, Mar 02, 2019

    I would suggest checking out their docs...

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  • Posted to Invision bought Trunk and closes it, in reply to Lucian .es , Feb 17, 2019

    how are you liking it so far? I'm curious to hear from others as well about their experience with Figma as you're not the first person to share that sentiment.

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  • Posted to Invision bought Trunk and closes it, Feb 12, 2019

    seems like this is their attempt at the powerful Sketch + Abstract combo. Acquiring other companies and feature-sets isn't going to fix the fact that Studio is a major pain to use, and for me and my team, still not ready for production-level work.

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  • Posted to What do you do with your downtime at work?, Jan 31, 2019

    read articles... research new web dev techniques... learn something new...always be increasing your value as a designer and what you bring to the table.

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  • Posted to I want to sell this website, where's best to do this?, in reply to Mattias H , Jan 30, 2019

    I think the answer is pretty obvious: if a designer sees value in trading their skills for something in return, then they can do so. It would benefit them in whatever way they perceive the value.

    Asking a single person to quantify the benefit or value of a service from someone else's perspective (or an entire industry since you're stating designers as a whole) is quite silly.

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  • Posted to What are your biggest design pet-peeves? How would you fix them?, Dec 06, 2018

    +1 for "Collapse All Artboards in the layers panel" functionality

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