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  • Posted to, easily create a simple portfolio webpage for free, in reply to August van de Ven , Jun 20, 2018

    demos or examples would be awesome to help us get a sense of the end product before we start uploading real world data

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  • Posted to Science Gallery — Fake, in reply to barry saunders , Jun 19, 2018

    fully agree... with the length of the text, the colors strain the eye trying to read

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  • Posted to TEAM site design, in reply to Todd Cantley , Jun 03, 2018

    Todd, if by slightly different you mean lagging and freezing up my scrolling, absolutely. I never said anything about it being the only action you can take in this situation, as that's irrelevant to my point. If they were smooth when I was interacting with the page I'd have no issue, but I checked in 3 browsers and had the same experience in each. So to reiterate, yeah, that was frustrating. Were they working smooth for you? I'd love to see, because the rest of the site was well executed.However, having the feeling of my scrolling being messed with was not enjoyable.

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  • Posted to TEAM site design, in reply to Ben Krogh , Jun 03, 2018

    lol. Let's try another approach then shall we?

    The background animations and content changes paired with the the action of scrolling in the 'Values' section of the home page creates a very staggered and laggy effect...this can lead to frustrating experience.

    Does that fit your semantics better?

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  • Posted to It's 2018 and Material Design still uses a floppy disk as a Save icon, in reply to iterati design , Jun 03, 2018

    Saving makes no sense anymore, when was the last time anyone had to save anything on mobile (maybe a draft email, that is done via canceling/closing).

    Pretty sure every time I take a screenshot on my phone, I'm prompted with, "Save to Photos?" iPhoneX... I'd say that's pretty current mobile device still using the concept of 'Save.' But hey, let's continuously argue moot points while presenting no viable solution.

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  • Posted to TEAM site design, Jun 03, 2018

    the scroll-jacked experience on the home page is quite frustrating...

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  • Posted to Mysterium by Baron Fig, May 22, 2018

    "Mysterium is a limited edition Squire that seeks out answers to the secrets of the universe." The only think I'd be seeking out is my sanity after spending $60 on a pen.

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  • Posted to Designer Challenges Himself To Create Logos With Hidden Meanings For A Year, in reply to Stuart McCoy , May 22, 2018

    The term wordmark is probably better suited for these, but let's not get caught up in semantics and enjoy the actual work.

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  • Posted to Sidemake - Side-Projects from makers with day-jobs at top tech companies, May 18, 2018

    why does it matter where a person works when the entire service is focused on 'Side Projects' ?? Do side projects only hold value if a person works at a certain place of employment? This is extremely confusing...

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  • Posted to Spirit is out now for Mac, May 16, 2018

    Wants me to spend $144/yr... doesn't offer any visuals of the actual product. Don't tell me about the timeline... show me!

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