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  • Posted to Sketch Plugin Idea, Looking For Feedback, Mar 15, 2018

    DO IT!!!!!! :D

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  • Posted to Why is this trend taking over?, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Feb 28, 2018

    I doubt anyone is doing this with the sole business/design reasoning of "well, it's cheaper so ya I like this style, let's go with it." Also, this style has been around since the Art Deco era, and perhaps even before that—Simplified forms and expressive colors/shapes are nothing new.

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  • Posted to SAVAGE!, in reply to Henry Doe , Feb 22, 2018

    or... at least provide links to google maps for each location. It would have zero impact on their design aesthetic, and would improve visitors experience in visualizing/navigating to one of their locations

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  • Posted to SAVAGE!, Feb 22, 2018

    They could have at least provided links to Google Maps for each location. It would have zero impact on their design aesthetic, and would improve visitors experience in visualizing/navigating to one of their locations... just sayin

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  • Posted to SAVAGE!, in reply to Kyle Mitchell , Feb 22, 2018

    I wouldn't quite say 100%... on iPhoneX the text is extremely small and needs to be zoomed in on to read, as visitors have to do on sites that have not yet implemented responsive design practices. So, while the base layout is responsive, I would argue that the content and design is not 100% responsive. :)

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  • Posted to Inspect element > export changes - workflow? , Feb 22, 2018

    My strongest suggestion would be that if possible, obtain access to the repo so that you can pull/push changes as you work on them.

    If the devs are cautious about giving access, or requirements of any other nature deem access is not available you, could always set up a workflow with your devs so that you can submit pull requests that contain your CSS edits, and the devs can either accept the request or take your code and implement it how they see fit.

    This would be plan A and B for me.

    If either of those are not available options, there are solutions that exist as people have already pointed out in other comments. Personally, I used to have a workflow very similar to what you have currently, as I empathize with your frustrations. I long to see the day where this is implemented in broswer dev tools, but I just don't know if that day is coming anytime soon...or at all :(

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  • Posted to Cute login form, in reply to Alex Chan , Feb 22, 2018

    +50 Medium claps o_O

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  • Posted to RITUAL — A new creative digital agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden, in reply to Todd Cantley , Feb 06, 2018

    there's a major difference between "I like" and "its delivers a good experience"... you may like scrolljacking for whatever your reasons are...doesn't mean its a good or pleasant navigation experience.

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  • Posted to Animated mockups. Do you use them?, Jan 26, 2018

    .... no. Why add extra noise that severely limits ability to view the actual work. There are far better ways to implement and present one's understanding of motion/interaction design.

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  • Posted to How is Invision Studio?, in reply to Todd F , Jan 14, 2018

    care to elaborate a bit more?

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