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  • Posted to CSS: The Bane of Display None Animations, in reply to Erik Fanki , Apr 16, 2020

    +1 for everything in this post, except the jQuery notion. Relying on a large lib for just animation might be overkill... if 3rd party libs are acceptable in OP's scenario, ive found that this project is super useful and fairly straightforward to implement:

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  • Posted to Where can I find this font?, Mar 13, 2020

    the link you posted says the typeface is "gd-sage" ... Im assuming that 'gd' stands for godaddy, which leads me to believe that it is a custom developed typeface specifically for godaddy... meaning you probably won't be able to find or use it unless it's open source. lack of visibility on the web though leads me to believe it is not open source or available for public use outside of godaddy.

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  • Posted to CSS Grid Layout vs CSS Frameworks: When To Use What?, Nov 21, 2019

    CSS grid is a layout tool... CSS frameworks contain layout rules, but also contain WAYYYY more:

    • guidelines and usage rules
    • base design tokens (variables etc)
    • built components using said tokens
    • common design patterns for the system etc

    Comparing and conflating these two concepts is extremely odd, considering a 'CSS Framework' could very well utilize a css grid layout implementation. CSS grid is not a framework, its a layout tool. A piece to the larger puzzle. Frameworks combine a bunch of puzzle pieces and form a larger, more cohesive system.

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  • Posted to How are people Handing over Sketch Designs to Developers?, Sep 19, 2019

    me and my team have been using Abstract for over a year now, and haven't looked back :)

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  • Posted to I did the illustration for this guide, how to start a nonprofit, any feedbacks are more than welcome, Sep 18, 2019

    just more of the same ubiquitous illustration style that can be found on 100s of sites

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  • Posted to PHP Development Company Toronto, Jul 27, 2019

    anyone else find it odd that a company from Toronto, Canada uses a picture of the golden gate bridge as the background for their company website?

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  • Posted to Dribble feed, blocked, Jul 19, 2019

    I use the chrome browser extension for panda to browser new design material every morning... the dribbble feed seems to still be working for me.

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