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  • Posted to Ask DN: What do you use to show your portfolio?, Jan 26, 2013

    I'm using a custom design running on the ExpressionEngine CMS.

    The way I see it however is that a custom design is not always ideal… The biggest issue I've noticed on my own site being that I've never properly built a responsive design into it.

    When I designed and built it I had to rush it out in order to land a freelance job so I omitted the responsiveness and since then I've been too busy to revisit my own site which means it's not actually reflecting what I do for my clients —whom I design and build responsive websites for.

    So in my case specifically I now find that having my own, outdated site, both for content (haven't updated it in a year now) and in technical proficiency, is actually a drawback on running something custom.

    When using something hosted, all you have to do is manage your content and let the other party work on the display of the theme.

    Depending on how busy you are in your professional life this can work better for you than the custom thing you have to maintain, adjust and manage content for at all times.

    Something else I've noticed when talking to clients is that they mostly do not care specifically whether they're looking at a well designed theme by someone else which you're using or if they're browsing a design by yourself. As long as they can get the info that they want from it they all seem to not specifically care where the "shell" for the content came from.

    As for print/tablet version: No. The latter should've been covered by a responsive design, while the former isn't needed for my line of work I've found.

    Hope this helps.

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