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  • Posted to Free Career Posting board at, in reply to Jared C , Apr 06, 2018

    Ya... that was really lousy.... I apologize for that, for future launches we'll send you to a landing page with more information and screenshots of the app. Long term we do want to explore surfacing some parts of the system so you don't have to signup

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  • Posted to Free Career Posting board at, Apr 05, 2018

    Hey all! The design community has a few great places to look for career opportunities, but they are getting pretty expensive. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and we just released a career listing board to our platform to make sure every design team has the opportunity to post career opportunities around the world, no matter their size or budget.

    We are still in the early stages of launching our platform, but we are building a design education community dedicated to helping educate and empower designers around the world!

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  • Posted to Survey for the Design Career Journey Book, Apr 04, 2018

    Been having a lot of conversations with design leaders around career ladders. Everyone seems to want/need one. Few have them documented. Many are in the process of creating one. I’ve put together a short 2-3 minute survey to get some insights on the current state and would love this communities participation.

    Also, check out, we are building a design career education platform to inspire and empower designers around the world!

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  • Posted to Now you can sign up for , Feb 06, 2018

    I'm curious to learn more about your inspiration for uijar. On Dribbble I can like and bucket things by group/categories of my choice, what use cases would I want to use uijar vs. the native functionality of dribbble?

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  • Posted to Figma raises $25 million Series B led by new Kleiner partner Mamoon Hamid, in reply to Philip Lester , Feb 02, 2018

    Invision HQ


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  • Posted to Figma raises $25 million Series B led by new Kleiner partner Mamoon Hamid, in reply to Jim Silverman , Feb 02, 2018

    Bootstrap? lol

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  • Posted to Not so bad teaser website from Mercedes-benz, Jan 30, 2018

    Eh not so great for me, who really wants to sit holding down their mouse to watch this?

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  • Posted to Announcing Design Leadership Forum by InVision—a community helping design leaders learn together, Jan 30, 2018

    We are building a platform for design education and mentoring at, would love to see if there are any opportunities to partner in the future!

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  • Posted to Design Forward Fund, Dec 19, 2017

    This is huge, can't wait to catch up with you in regard to a project i'm working on in 2018! Thank you Stephen!

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  • Posted to Alternatives to DN, in reply to Jffry Vsk , Nov 17, 2017

    That is some of the purpose behind what we are building at Design Mentors. We are building a platform dedicated to design education, collaboration, and mentoring. There is still a lot to build, but we are excited about the early growth and traction we've seen.

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