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Designer & Animator @ Orbital Vision - for freelance. Joined about 2 years ago

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  • Posted to design exercise - Small actionable improvements , Jun 19, 2018

    Years ago when I was graduate searching for work, I came across CONSTANTLY. It was even featured on Dribbble. I felt like either;

    A: They have a horrible turnover of new staff

    B: They're getting a tremendous amount of 'free' design exercises.

    I understand it' common practice these days, but they could be milking it. There may be a 'C' I've not considered tho...

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  • Posted to Smugmug aquires Flickr, in reply to J Jun , Apr 23, 2018

    Designer News

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  • Posted to RITUAL — A new creative digital agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden, in reply to Ben Gifford , Feb 07, 2018

    Second Toms' points. I only feel scrolljacking fails, when it's mixed in with regular scrolling and disrupts the experience.

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  • Posted to Site Feedback: Relativity Of Time, Feb 01, 2018

    +1 for Chesterfield.

    First thought, a play button may not be the best icon considering its relation to video. Which this is not. Perhaps something along the lines of "Go"

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  • Posted to The Making of Apple’s Emoji, in reply to Mick N , Jan 15, 2018

    That's always been a huge gripe with me. They just look like they had less attention given to them. Very msn-esk.

    It's one of those moments where 'flat' seems to be the right choice.

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  • Posted to Photoshop for designers who don't use Photoshop, Dec 22, 2017

    Pablo, you're a machine!

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  • Posted to Magic Leap — Welcome to Day One, Dec 20, 2017

    I'm sure you can nit pick a few issues but overall this is a beautifully designed site.

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  • Posted to Koniku® — Intelligence is Natural, in reply to Bobby Anderson , Nov 30, 2017

    Possibly - But I disagree. Anything that's clickable is either highlighted/animated as such and for the click and scroll, it even demonstrates that as it comes into view. It feels like any possible usability issue has been addressed.

    The context and content is clearly geared towards the tech savvy. Just because it isn't laid out like a word doc doesn't mean it's automatically bad. I totally understand your points - IMO this is a perfect candidate for such interactions. It helps tell a story and adds to the wow factor of the product.

    • I could have done without the scroll jacking though.
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  • Posted to Koniku® — Intelligence is Natural, in reply to Bobby Anderson , Nov 30, 2017

    "I'm not really any the wiser what this is selling"

    Really? It's hardly vague.

    "We are building co-processors made of biological neurons." With a big picture of said processor and a video/site to illustrate it's applications.

    What's not to get?

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