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  • Posted to GOOD HANDS, A Creative Agency for Music Artists, Startups, and Brands, in reply to Jim Renaud , Mar 15, 2019

    Appreciate your response, Jim!

    The woman in the halter top is a client example of one of the types of startups we have worked with (a women's fashion brand).

    You raise a great point about the difference between our "companies" and "startups" services. I see how these could be confusing, and I'm going to take your feedback into consideration as we continue to improve our site!

    Regarding the user flow, we decided to redesign our site to have a solutions-forward user journey as our previous site was essentially just a showcase of work examples that didn't set us apart from our competition. One of the biggest failures of our previous site was that it left users wondering what we do for our clients and what we could do for them, so we redesigned our site with that problem in mind. :)

    Btw, I see that you work for StockX. Very cool! Feel free to connect with me anytime if you're interested in collabing with GOOD HANDS. You can reach me at daniel@goodhands.co.


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  • Posted to Looking for logo feedback, in reply to Josh Dunsterville , Oct 27, 2017

    Initial reaction: "did you think of this?", "like this because", "dislike this because", etc. :)

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  • Posted to What are your favourite shops & online stores to get supplies for designers.., Jul 19, 2017


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  • Posted to Experience with virtual assistants?, in reply to Adam Weil , Jun 30, 2017

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to I made an icon for every day of 2016!, Jan 03, 2017

    Mad props. The dedication is unreal!

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  • Posted to What's your go-to designing playlist?, in reply to Marc Edwards , Nov 28, 2016

    Ha, I used to listen to Hans Zimmer's The Dark Knight soundtrack while working. Haven't given Tron a try... looks like I'll be 6 years late to the listening party!

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  • Posted to What's your go-to designing playlist?, in reply to Renee P , Nov 28, 2016

    I love Lush Vibes. Love the chill feel-good instrumentals on that playlist. Haven't listened to Jazz Vibes before, but I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Motive — Agency Website, Nov 09, 2016

    Hi there! Daniel from Motive. I am looking for feedback on my website. It's still in the ideation phase, so I understand it's a bit hard to critique without all of the content.

    I'm looking for feedback on the following: - Design cleanliness - Amount of information - Effectiveness of Messaging - Brand Identity (Icon, Color Palette, Typeface) - Navigation/Usability

    Please leave comments inline through Invision. Thank you all!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Portfolio suggestions and criticism appreciated, Oct 03, 2016

    Hey! Going to be super critical with my suggestions. Hope you take it well. :)

    • Agree with everyone else, the scroll-jacking is wonky. It also seems a bit weird to cycle through infinitely.

    • The imagery and typography choices are beautiful, but they tend to compete with your actual work. I would suggest showcasing more examples of your work rather than sourcing the photos from Pexels.

    • "Hire Me" CTA should link to a contact page, not an open-ended email. Especially since email links typically open in Apple Mail, which is usually frustrating (at least for me, a user who only opens Apple Mail by accident when clicking mailto: links).

    • Topics Over Tea section needs some line spacing - thought it was a jumbled paragraph at first glance.

    • Colophon in the footer seems a bit weird to me.

    • Resume is beautiful.

    • Need to update Instagram logo throughout.

    • Replace RSS icon with icon that represents blog on contact page.

    • Hamburger menu items animate too slow.

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