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  • Posted to A Day in the Life of DesignerNews , in reply to A Paul , Mar 29, 2018

    Oh mannnn, such a great one!

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  • Posted to Here’s what I’ve learned from designing 10,000+ UI screens as a lead product designer., in reply to Jimmy Hooker , Mar 28, 2018

    Much appreciated, Jimmy. And of course there was some motivation to push a product of mine; I won't deny that :) I always try to balance an "ad" with actual useful content, so hopefully I accomplished that.

    Could you explain a little more what you mean about UXPT being too "design opinionated"? We tried to make it intentionally vanilla (without being ugly) so that you could customize it however you want.

    I'm biased of course, but I've used UXPT on over 40 client projects for full-fidelity design work, so it's certainly (for me, at least) far more than a wireframing tool.

    Thanks for your comment!

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  • Posted to Here’s what I’ve learned from designing 10,000+ UI screens as a lead product designer., in reply to Riho Kroll , Mar 28, 2018

    Hey Riho!

    Thanks so much for this thoughtful comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you that animation is important, and can certainly improve the user experience. iOS is a great reference point because the animations disappear into the background...they're not just flair for the sake of being flair.

    In articles like this, I tend to exaggerate a little bit knowing that readers will dilute the insights and takeaways anyway. A polarizing statement like "animation doesn't matter" tends to stick with you longer, and in the long run, hopefully makes you more thoughtful during execution.

    Designers at our agency use animations in their work all the time, but never before finishing a page. I think that was the biggest point I was trying to make, and from your comment, it seems like you got that :)

    Thanks for adding to this discussion! I hope people come across your comment and give it a read through. Nice work.

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  • Posted to Have you bought a Ui kit? What was the reason behind the purchase?, in reply to Jonas S , Mar 15, 2018

    Of course. I'm happy to help!

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  • Posted to Have you bought a Ui kit? What was the reason behind the purchase?, Mar 14, 2018

    My expectation with UI kits is that they will serve as a tool for me to execute my work more effectively and/or efficiently.

    Dribbble is a vast enough landscape of inspiration, so I would never buy one purely to be inspired.

    I created and sell a UI kit myself, and research/feedback from my customers suggests that people enjoy using my system to start new projects. I'm pleasantly surprised that hundreds of survey responders say that they use it every time they start a new one.

    I won't post a link unless people ask for it so I don't get killed for self-promotion, but you're welcome to review my comment history.

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  • Posted to Examples of Design System Sketch Files?, in reply to Sean Lester , Jan 31, 2018

    Hey Sean! If I can toot my own horn a little bit, UX Power Tools is built in a sustainable fashion using all of the techniques you highlighted: text styles, layer styles, and symbols (many of which are nested).

    You are NOT wasting time by prioritizing interlinking, style usage, and symbols. It will save you incalculable amounts of time in the future. So keep doing what you're doing.

    If you're interested, here's a link for the system we've built:

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  • Posted to Examples of Design System Sketch Files?, Jan 31, 2018

    UX Power Tools is pretty well organized

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  • Posted to Sketch Tricks for Fast Image Fills, in reply to Ktrn Dsrs , Jan 30, 2018

    Good tip, Ktryn. Does using "Reduce Filesize" inside of Sketch do this as well? Not actually sure what compression operations it performs.

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  • Posted to Design Systems Market: Beautiful starter design system boilerplates for Sketch, built with the UX Power Tools framework., Dec 29, 2017

    From the About page:

    Design Systems Market was created to help designers work faster.

    Developers use code boilerplates on nearly every project to save time so they can spend it where it ought to be spent.

    Designers shouldn't work any differently.

    Design Systems Market is a collection of design system boilerplates built with the UX Power Tools framework. The complete UX Power Tools system has tons of extra features to help you design faster, but for those who use it enough, the base essentials are more than enough.

    1. Text Styles
    2. Layer Styles
    3. Symbols

    Each system in Design Systems Market is carefully styled and configured to give you a jump start. The colors might not be perfect...but it'll get you 70% of the way there.

    The rest is up to you!

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  • Posted to Pantone Color of the Year - Ultra Violet, in reply to Aaron D , Dec 08, 2017

    That, and InVision pink :)

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