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  • Posted to Figma announces auto layout, Sep 23, 2019

    This works with any object? Not just symbols?

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  • Posted to Show DN: I made some tools to help you do remote UX research, everything open source, Jun 05, 2019

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing these

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  • Posted to Pro Display XDR, Jun 03, 2019

    I had kind of decided to buy this based on the rumors (32", retina) but $5000!? not sure how I can justify it.

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  • Posted to Pro Display XDR, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , Jun 03, 2019

    Conveniently use the same compressed air can you have for your macbook keyboard

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  • Posted to Adobe warns Creative Cloud users with older apps of legal problems, in reply to Timothy McKenna , May 15, 2019

    I've used designer for an identity/print project and I had a lot of bad surprises with printing, color, blend modes. Fortunately I didn't need press ready files or I would have had to redo it in illustrator or indesign. I have good hope that it's going to improve but with all the apps they have I'm afraid it's going to be painfully slow.

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  • Posted to What's going on with DesignerNews?, May 03, 2019

    I find that DN is logging me out of my account a lot (every day?). I'm sure that I upvote less because of it. If it's not just me it could have a large impact on overall participation.

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  • Posted to Hertz, Accenture, and the blame game, Apr 30, 2019

    "if you are expecting to spend millions on a project, the chances are that the project will never end."

    [gobbling popcorn up] I think I will read all the punditry coming my way about this case.

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  • Posted to Sketch 54: Snapping Improvements and Dark Mode Switch, in reply to David Kizler , Apr 09, 2019


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  • Posted to Helvetica Now, Apr 09, 2019

    Good job! but Arial called and it wants its oblique terminals back. See the micro version, it just feel plain wrong :-) Then again, if I see them I would have set the font too big.

    I'm curious though, it is supposed to be made for UI but it is set very wide, that's not going to help on phones or watches where lines are either too short or the font too small.

    Maybe we need a compact UI cut of this.

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  • Posted to Figma introduces PDF exports, in reply to Marc Edwards , Dec 08, 2018

    Awesome! Thank you Marc for the in depth reply.

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