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  • Posted to Figma introduces PDF exports, in reply to Marc Edwards , Dec 08, 2018

    Awesome! Thank you Marc for the in depth reply.

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  • Posted to Figma introduces PDF exports, in reply to Marc Edwards , Dec 07, 2018

    It is the format recommended by Apple in their HIG though, isn’t it?

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  • Posted to Whimsical Sticky Notes (just launched!), Nov 16, 2018

    Any plans to make Wireframes work on tablets? I would love a tool that I could use both on my iPad Pro with clients and on the Mac at my desc.

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  • Posted to iPad Pro Design Tools, in reply to Myroslav Galavai , Nov 01, 2018

    nope doesn't work.

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  • Posted to iPad Pro Design Tools, in reply to Hamish Taplin , Nov 01, 2018

    A laptop is definitely not as portable as an iPad. I have taken my 12.9 iPad everywhere with me in the last year. I thought I would give up after the novelty wore out but didn't. It's better in meetings too, others have sketched on it spontaneously. BUT there's a big software problem, nobody has cracked how to do a productive app yet. With Comp and Paper53 being the closer IMO.

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  • Posted to What are the web-based tools to help create animations (pure HTML + CSS) you recommend?, Oct 25, 2018


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  • Posted to Uber rebrand, Sep 13, 2018

    In response to all the Meh reactions: this an atonement re-brand.

    Imagine they had come out with a really exciting concept and bold execution. The reception would be all about their shady business practices and dreadful company culture. This design shows they are taking a low profile.

    They shed the visual flourishes of the previous identity as a stand-in for their past transgressions. And they kept only black and a pared down word mark which stands for the service value proposition, nothing more.

    Expect another re-brand in a few year. And don't be fooled, their strategy is still to kill any competition by subsidizing rides until they are the only one standing.

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  • Posted to The new Apple Watch 4 face is a design crime, Sep 13, 2018

    This article is a design criticism crime.

    The reporter somehow missed the fact that this is more an information display than it is an interactive flow. There is a big difference between a screen you look at multiple times every day and say, a dashboard inside an app you use infrequently.

    He also mentions that the screen is smaller than your phone lock screen and therefore should have less information. It's counter-intuitive but I'd wager that it is just the opposite. The smaller screen actually helps with density because your brain doesn't have to process info in your peripheral vision.

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  • Posted to "global village coffeehouse," the 90s aesthetic we all forgot about, in reply to Andrew Hersh , Sep 06, 2018

    Maybe it was more a west coast thing?

    I started to work in an ad agency far away in Switzerland in the early 00’s. Some of their earlier work was in this style and all the Graphis and Étapes Graphique magazines in the studio were filled with “global village coffeehouse” showcases. I had never heard of the term until today but it’s a fitting name.

    If I recall many cliparts for MS Word in the 90’s were in that style as well.

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  • Posted to Adobe will reportedly bring the full Photoshop to the iPad, in reply to Ryan W , Jul 15, 2018

    Illustrator is coming too. (source: macStories if I recall correctly)

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